Fallout 76 Solo Experience is Similar to Fallout 4: Bethesda

Pete Hines in an interview at the recent Gamescom, shared his understanding on Fallout 76 Solo experience and how it will be different in many ways.

Every fan of Bethesda has his eyes all set on Fallout 76 since they all know that this is something new from the studio.

However, they are also a bit skeptical about it as well since there are a lot of questions, concerns, and ambiguities as well among which includes the Fallout 76 solo experience.

Senior Vice President of global marketing and communications of Bethesda, Pete Hines, in an interview at the recent Gamescom shared his understanding of this upcoming game’s solo experience.

Hines talking about Fallout 76 solo experience said that this game promises a flexible experience to not only those who like to play with friends but also to those who prefer solo exploration previous Fallouts.

I just go out and explore. I decide whether I’m going to try and do some big quest or a personal quest like putting a scope on a rifle I just went through the trouble to repair…I’m in this world where I’m just trying to survive, and I feel like I’m alone. I feel like I’m playing Fallout by myself.

Furthermore, he also added that teaming up in Fallout 76 does not entirely mean that all four of the team members have to stick together and walk around the map and do stuff together. The game is like open to any style, which also includes the solo game if any, one member wants to.

For example, if one player decides to go off and do stuff on his own, like start building base etc, then he certainly can and the game will not act as an obstruction.

Hines added that Fallout 76 Solo experience is pretty loose, in other words, its fluid. You can do whatever you like and how you like, and still, you will feel connected to your teammates as well.

Fallout 76 has all the hype it needs and all the while there may be some amount of skepticism regarding this game, fans are still very positive and hopefully, Bethesda will not be disappointing them.

To be honest, Bethesda actually has been working really hard to meet expectations. Like addressing issues of Griefing Players or not having a season’s pass nor a paid DLC and making everything free are some of the things that can really prove to be beneficial for Fallout 76.