Fallout 76 Hacking Guide – Terminal Hacking, Upgrading Hacking Skill

In our Fallout 76 Hacking Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about hacking in FO76, upgrading Hacking Skill, and hacking terminals.

Terminals have multiple purposes in the game as not only do they control most of the lore in the game but also the turrets along with the security systems of the building or vault that they are in. Our Fallout 76 Hacking Guide will guide you through how you can hack them and glean all that is to be found.

Fallout 76 Hacking

The way that terminals work is still the same for the most part, as it has been since Fallout 3.

However, there have been a few changes in how you upgrade your hacking skills. This is due to the new perk system that now requires cards in order to be able to upgrade skills.

Let’s go ahead and look at how you can upgrade your hacking skills so that hacking can become a little easier as you move on in the game.

After that, we will look at how to actually use the hacking mechanic to be able to tap into the terminals found all across the map.

Upgrade Hacking Skill

The process of upgrading your hacking skill is not that different from how you upgrade your lockpicking skill.

You will need to find three different perk cards which are associated with intelligence. In order to take a deeper look at all of the perk cards, take a look at our *Fallout 76 Perk Cards Guide*.

The three cards that you need in order to be able to upgrade your hacking skill are Hacker, Expert Hacker, and Master Hacker.

One uses these cards to improve your hacking skill. For each card that you equip, you will also reduce the lockout time for the terminal.

All of the cards in this category have one rank. What that means is that you cannot use duplicate cards to rank up a particular perk like you would be able to otherwise.

In addition, you cannot equip the same card multiple times in order to double its effect. What that means is that the only way to increase your hacking skill is to find the three different perk cards and then equip them all at once.

Hack a Terminal

In order to be able to upgrade your hacking skill, you need to log in to the terminal where there is a list of words with the same character length and have similar characters.

There are also some random characters that are there to cause confusion. What you need to do is to select words to access the terminals or see how many of the letters in the guess were correct.

There will be a word that you will need to find. You can select one of the words to see if there is a chance of that word being the answer. If that particular word is wrong, the computer will show as having a likeness of zero of that word.

This way, you will be able to remove all of the words that have anything in common with the word that was wrong, and you will be able to narrow down the correct options.

Sometimes, you may need to select a word that you know is wrong in order to be able to correctly guess the other letters of the word.

You can see how many letters have a likeness to the actual answers and you will be able to further narrow down the field to the correct word. Come to the correct word before the time runs out and you will be able to access the terminal.

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