Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: The Way Life Should Be, Cleansing the Land, Close to Home

Fallout 4 Far Harbor guide with complete walkthrough of The Way Life Should Be, Cleansing the Land and Close to Home DLC main quests.

In Fallout 4 Far Harbor, a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency sends you in search for a missing girl on the far off on the island of Far Harbor.

During this quest, you will come across various NPCs, meet with a new colony of synths, Children of Atom, and much more.

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide

Our Fallout 4 Far Harbor guide walks you through the a few main quests of the game:

The Way Life Should Be
You need to head over to Vim! Pop Factory, inside the mixing room, and then inside a backroom with a terminal that you need to hack. Once done, dig the unmarked grave in order to get Avery’s Skull, Avery’s Locket, and a Holotape. At this point, you will three choices – tell Far Harbor, ask DiMA to turn himself, keep DiMA’s secret.

If you decide to keep DiMA’s secret, you will be rewarded with Acadia’s Shield and start Reformation. If you decide to tell Far Harbor, no matter what happens, you will end up attacking Acadia. If you select the final option, you will have the option of putting in your two cents – the Harborman will value it if you have completed the Far Harbor quests.

You will be able to save Acadia, but not DiMA. If you decide to attack Acadia, you will get your hands on Lucky Eddy gun, the Destroyer of Acadia perk, and start Close to Home quest.

Cleansing the Land
You will be able to start this mission after knowing the location of nuclear launch key. After this, you need to head over to Harbor Grand Hotel to find the nuclear launch key. From there, head inside a hole in the wall to get to a room to get a security tape. Once done, you need to head over to the boat right in front of the shipwreck.

At this point, do note that you can launch with or without permission of the High Confessor. Here are all the possible outcomes:

Without Permission: No Reformation and Hostile Children of Atom
With Permission: No Reformation and Acquire Far Harbor Survivalist

If you wish to use the kill switch, head over to Wind Farm Maintenance Shed and restore power. You will need to find a total of 4x Industrial Fuses and insert them into the fuse box. Next up, you need to use the Turbine 003 terminal in order to kill the switch which will turn Longfellow hostile.

After the destruction, speak with High Confessor to get the Bulwark armor and Inquisitor of Atom perk.

Close to Home
After Cleansing the Land, head to Kasumi and either convince her to stay at Acadia or head home. What her choice be, head to Nakano Residence, get supplies from Kenji and then speak with Ellie at Valentine Detective Agency to complete the mission.

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