Fallout 4 Far Harbor Almanac Magazines Locations Guide

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Almanac Magazines locations to help you find all Almanac Magazines easily in Far Harbor DLC of the game.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor has a new collectible in the form of a magazine called The Islander’s Almanac. There are a total of 5 of these magazines that can be found in the new Fallout 4 DLC.

Once you have found all 5 of The Islander’s Almanac magazines, you will unlock The Islander’s Almanac Achievement/Trophy. Like magazines found in the vanilla game, finding each magazine will get you bonuses and perks unique to Fallout 4 DLC.

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Magazines Locations

Our Fallout 4 Far Harbor magazines locations guide will tell you exactly where you need to look for all 5 magazines in the new DLC:

Islander’s Almanac – Far Harbor Sightseer’s Guide
Reward: POI appear on the map

In Far Harbor, you need to head inside The Last Plank and search near the area where you originally meet the Old Longfellow.

Islander’s Almanac – Children of Atom Expose
Reward: 10% decreased damage from radiation-based attacks

You need to head to the synth settlement in Acadia, take the stairs on the right side, and into the room with the reception. You need to check the check the reception counter to find the magazine.

Islander’s Almanac – Recipe Roundup
Reward: Unlocks Sludge recipes at the Chemistry Station

Once you head to National Park Visitor’s Center, head to the north-center side of the island, and through the door. Once you are inside, head right, and find the magazine near the computer.

Islander’s Almanac – Pincer Dodge
Reward: 5% Increased VATs chances

You need to head to the very top of the lighthouse in Brooke’s Head Lighthouse and find it near the wooden shelf near some flowers.

Islander’s Almanac – Precision Hunting
Reward: 5% decreased damage from Mirelurk melee attacks

While in Northwood Ridge Quarry, head north of the lighthouse, and head across the trap. Continue towards the wooden structure and find the last magazine near the bed.

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