Fallout 4 Children of Atom Quests Guide

With the help of our Fallout 4 Children of Atom Quests Guide, you will be able to find and complete all the Optional Quests offered by Far Harbor Children of Atom for better gear, armor, and loyalty.

During the course of journey through Fallout 4 Far Harbor, you will come across Children of Atom who have made home further inland. Children of Atom want to convert everything and eliminate anyone who stands against them. Due to this fact, they are essentially in direct conflict with the citizens of Far Harbor. Our Fallout 4 Children of Atom Quests Guide details all the quests that you can complete for Children of Atom.

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Fallout 4 Children of Atom Quests

The Children of Atom are one of the three different factions that are available to you in the Fallout 4 Far Harbor add-on. They have a total of six different side quests that are available directly to you.

In the main plot of Far Harbor, the citizens who reside at the harbor are in dispute with the Children of Atom that leads to fighting between them. Thus, the quests that you are doing will also revolve around the fighting going on. Our Fallout 4 Children of Atom Quests Guide will walk you through all the quests related to Children of Atom:

What Atom Requires

After triggering the quest, you need to speak with Mai, agree to help her, and get Ablutions quest. After this, speak with zealot near Mai’s shop to trigger an optional quest involving Zealot Ware. Once done, speak with High Confessor in order to get Witch Hunt.

If you find and speak with Zealot Ware, you will get the Trial of Brother Devin quest. At the end of Visions in the Fog, speak with Grand Zealot Richter in order to get The Heretic. In order to complete What Atom Requires, you need to complete all aforementioned quests and show the Mother Icon to the High Confessor.

The Ablutions

This quest is given to you by Sister Mai who is at the nucleus. She asks the Sole Survivor to get a pump regulator so as to perform repairs on the decontamination arches that can be found around the entrance.

You need to head to Vim! Pop Factory and reach the upper floor of the factory to find T-51 Power Armor in one of the rooms. In the same room, interact with the Vim Ambassador terminal to find out more about the program. From there, you need to meet Grun in the basement of the factory.

After this, find the regulator inside the room above the mixing room. You basically need to get the regulator to Mai in order to get Radical Conversion. With that out of the way, head over to the bottom of the bay and select one of the two available options in order to complete the quest.

Remember that if you have an intelligence skill of 7 or higher than that, you will be able to completely reverse all of Mai’s actions and make the arches perform their purpose by decontaminating the radiation as they were meant to.

Witch Hunt

This quest is given to you if you decide to chase after the optional objective known as ‘Help the High Confessor’ during your playthrough of The Ablutions. You have to ask him if there is any work to be done and he will task the Sole Survivor to investigate one of the members of his cult in order to see if they are disloyal.

After triggering the quest, you need to head down the submarine and find a note under Sister Auberts’ mattress.

From there, continue to follow the marker to find a key to the chest. Next up, you need to follow the next waypoint to find the locker and another note. With everything out of the way, head to High Confessor to tell him of Aubert’s loyalty to get the Inquisitor’s Cowl.

Remember that you also have the choice to lie to the High Confessor towards the end of the quest. In order to do that, you will need to have a medium level Charisma. This will allow you to tell the High Confessor that Aubert is loyal. This will get you the Inquisitor’s Cowl without condemning Aubert. If you fail though, the High Confessor will keep the Cowl.

The Trial of Brother Devin

This quest is rather a short one. You will be told that Brother Devin has not been eating anything and only been taking in irradiated water for days. You are tasked with persuading Devin to stop fasting.

After triggering the quest, you need to speak with Devin and convince him to break his fast since you are the messenger. This is all you are required to do in order to complete the quest. Simply head back to Zealot Ware to get Ware’s Brew and complete the mission.

The Heretic

This quest will appear to the Sole Survivor once he has joined the Children of Atom and spoken to Tektus. You will soon be tasked with hunting down Sister Gwyneth who was once a member of the order but has now left and is vandalizing the altars of the children all around the island.

After triggering the quest, you need to speak with Zealot Theil and get ready to visit the holy sites. Firstly, you need to travel to Glowing Grove. Once there, you need to take the banner. From there, head to the campground, find and listen to Holotape that you find on the floor.

Once you are done, you need to head over to an old church located on the east side of Kawaketak Station. What you do next is totally up to you, as both the choices will complete the quest nonetheless. You need to speak with Grand Zealot Richter in order to complete the quest and get Atom’s Judgement.

This is all we have in our Fallout 4 Children of Atom Quests Guide. Found anything missing or confusing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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