F1 Manager 2022 Best Drivers to Hire

In this F1 Manager 2022 guide, we'll be walking you over the best drivers to hire for your team to secure easy wins.

As a team manager, you are responsible for every choice you make affecting the performance of the team, and we’re here to help you get the pressure off. In this F1 Manager 2022 guide, we’ll be walking you over the best drivers to hire for your team and going over our top 5 recommendations. So without further ado, let’s begin.

F1 Manager 2022 Best Drivers to Hire

If you have ever played any F1 game, you may be aware of the fact that these games are very hypersensitive and provide their players to interact with a close-to-reality atmosphere.

In order to find a driver, you will simply have to go to your ‘Drivers Tab’ and select the existing driver that you wish to replace. Go ahead and select the ‘Scout for Replacement’ option, and then you’ll have a big list of drivers pop up right in front of you on the screen.

Select the driver of your choice and click on ‘Propose Contract’ and enter your negotiations. Select the Driver Position, Contract Length, Salary, and Starting bonus you wish to offer them, and you should be able to get a new driver.

Now that you’re all clear on your responsibilities and how to sign up for a new driver, here is a list of all the top 15 best drivers in F1 Manager 2022.

Name Team OVR Growth Potential Aggression
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 90 Low High
Max Verstappen Red Bull 90 Average High
Charles Leclerc Ferrari 88 Average Low
Carlos Sainz Ferrari 87 Average Average
Sergio Pérez Red Bull 87 Low High
Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 87 Low Low
George Russell Mercedes 86 Average Average
Lando Norris McLaren 86 Average Average
Fernando Alonso Alpine 85 Low High
Esteban Ocon Alpine 85 Average High
Daniel Ricciardo Ferrari 84 Low Average
Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 84 Average Average
Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin 82 Low High
Kevin Magnussen Haas 80 Average High
Alexander Albon Williams 80 Average Low

Now that you’re aware of the wide variety of great drivers available in F1 Manager 2022, here are the top 5 talents narrowed down to make the choosing process easy for you.

We’re starting out with Lewis Hamilton as our first choice for a driver. He has an overall rating of 90, is the driver with the most poles, and has won the most matches so far. This alone gives you the reason why you should recruit this talented man to your team as a driver.

Although Hamilton is a great choice, you need to remember that he is also very well aware of the skill set he possesses. Unfortunately, the joining price of this driver is very high, and you’re mostly giving up on the terms he has to offer.

You can get a driver of the same rating for a lower price, but Hamilton stands out through his seven-time winning streak and possesses a 90 Cornering skill. Although he has a Low Growth Potential, he does have a higher Aggression. Not to mention the other attributes, they are worth every penny.

Second on our list is the newly installed champion Max Verstappen. He, too, shares an overall rating of 90 as Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen is a great choice if you want someone as high performing as Hamilton and you can get him to sign up for you at a lower price too. This way, you have a great performance under a budget.

Apart from being a great choice against seven times winning world champion, Max Verstappen has taken championship titles home and is an absolute rising star from what we can see. He has the highest Cornering Braking and Accuracy in the game, and you best believe this makes him a beast.

This young man also has an average Growth Potential and high Aggression, making him a great choice for you.

Charles Leclerc makes the cut for the third-best driver in the game with an overall rating of 88. The Ferrari driver has caught the eyes of many with his exponential performance and leading few matches this season. Leclerc can use some help in strategizing; however, with average growth potential, you can expect greater things from him in the future.

With 90 Cornering, 93 Braking, and 91 Accuracy, Charles makes a great choice for the leading driver in F1 Manager 2022.

Fourth on the list is yet again a fellow from the Ferrari team, Carlos Sainz. This fierce man has an overall rating of 87 with average Growth Potential and Aggression. Sainz has been astonishing to us with his great driving and racing skill since 2015 and has only improved with time too.

Sainz has been a tough competition to even his teammates by climbing up the team leaderboard and getting many championship standings. This young man is deadly, with his 90 Accuracy, 87 Cornering, and 93 Braking!

Finally, last but not least, on our top 5 drivers list, we have a young man from the Red Bull team, Sergio Pérez. Sharing the same overall rating as Carlos Sainz, Pérez also cuts for being the best choice for a driver in the game.

He’s been a proven driver since 2011 and has had many accomplishments in his 12 years of a racing career. We’ve seen him coming to revitalization in recent years after joining Red Bull and getting two victories.

Pérez is known for his strong hands and insane control of the wheel. So if you’ve been on a search for a driver with these insane abilities, he might be the choice you’ve wanted to make. With his 88 Accuracy, 87 Cornering, and 88 Braking, Sergio Pérez becomes a competitive candidate.

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