How to Negotiate Contracts in F1 Manager 2022

In this guide, we are going to tell how to negotiate contracts with drivers in F1 Manager 2022 to win them over with ease.

Negotiating contracts is not everyone’s cup of tea. In F1 Manager 2022, there is a system of hiring new drivers or just extending the season with the current drivers. All of them need good negotiation. If your offer appeals to them, they might accept your proposal. However, in this guide, we are going to tell how to negotiate contracts with drivers in F1 Manager 2022.

How to Negotiate Contracts in F1 Manager 2022

After going to the ‘drivers’ tab on the bottom of main screen, you will see your current drivers showing up. Just click on any of them that you want to replace. Select ‘scout for replacement’ option and a list of drivers is going to appear.

Now the main game begins. Just see all the drivers and look if any of them suits you best. When hover over the driver, you will be able to see driver’s patience and negotiation attitude on the right.

If the patience is very high, you can propose your contract several times. Same goes for the negotiation attitude. If it is open for negotiation, only then you can propose your contract. If it is red or not interested, you cannot offer a deal.

Another tip is always choose detailed scouting instead of standard scouting. It increases the acceptance rate even further.

Now that patience and negotiation attitude is up to the mark, just click on the driver and start making a deal. You can decide contract length, salary, bonus, driver position, race target bonus etc.

Now set these measures to the values that suit you the most and propose the contract. If the driver is unhappy with the offer, you will have indication in terms of different lights. If he is unhappy with the salary, it would be glowing orange. If it is average, it will be yellow. If he is happy, it will be green.

So look for the things with the driver is unhappy and increase the values. But keep in mind that with each time you propose the contract, driver’s patience decreases and a time comes that driver no further accepts the offer.

If your team is not so strong and doesn’t appeal drivers, their negotiation attitude is going to be ‘not interested’ at the time of scouting. So you need to work on your team attractiveness. Just spend some money on increasing your team’s attractiveness from the main menu.

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