F1 Manager 2022 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

We have decided to provide you with some handy tips for F1 Manager 2022 in this beginners guide to get you started.

F1 Manager 22 puts you in the shoes of a team manager to live out your ultimate management fantasy but some players might find themselves overwhelmed. Not only is F1 Manager 2022 a very new and different experience from typical F1 games, but the game also doesn’t do a great job of explaining multiple things. That is why we have decided to provide you with some handy tips for F1 Manager 2022 to get you started.

F1 Manager 2022 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Whether you have played F1 Manager before, or are a new F1 Manager fan, it’s always best to head into the game with some insight and pointers that the game doesn’t make clear, or allow you to make smart decisions at the start of the game.

The early game tutorial in F1 Manager 2022 does a very good job of explaining the mechanics of the game, but it still isn’t enough for you to maximize your potential. This is where our F1 Manager 2022 Tips come in to aid you.

Manage Practice Sessions

Your first job as the manager is to make your driver the best, and what better than regular practice to improve oneself?

Regular practice sessions in F1 Manager 2022 will allow you to get feedback from your driver on his feelings about the car. The various aspects that the driver rates will allow you to make the required changes and upgrades to help the driver and the car perform better.

Not only will you make the car better, but this will also increase the driver’s confidence on tracks. Regular practice sessions are the best way to make sure your driver and vehicle are in complete sync.

These practice sessions also get you certain rewards depending on the car performance confidence, track acclimatization and knowledge of car parts. This knowledge of car parts will come in handy later on.

Invest in Design Center and Factory

Once you get the feedback from your driver, you are recommended to make the required changes and upgrades. For this, you need to refer the matter to your facilities.

The two mentioned facilities are important as they allow you to make a larger variety of upgrades and make them faster.

A faster upgrade will only allow you to further test the limits of your crew and car. Both these facilities are expensive for early on in the game; however, they will be extremely useful and pay for themselves later on.

Budget Management

You have a limited amount of money you can spend ad you can’t just go on spending millions of dollars to your heart’s desire. For this, always keep an eye on your budget.

You need money for any and all upgrades, and adjustments as well as for hiring your crew. You need to upgrade your facilities as much as you can, but you also need to make sure you save enough so in case you might need to make some adjustments to the car at the last moment.

One thing you can do to somewhat soften your budget cap is by accepting and completing the Optional Sponsor Goals that you get. These goals can get you additional funding for your team in each race.

These goals, however, do put a penalty on you if you fail to complete them. So make sure that you pick your goals wisely, making sure that your team can actually fulfill them.

Start Aggressive

The first lap in every F1 race is the most crucial, as the driver in the front can then easily manage the position for himself. For this reason, you need to take the start of each race much more seriously than the rest of the race.

Set your driver in Attack mode and use the Overtake mode as much as you can to secure a safe position.

Once you have secured the first or any top position, you should again make a final push and gain distance from your opponents so that you can relax a bit and maintain your leadership.

Don’t Sweat about your Fuel

If you follow the last tip, you will end up burning a lot of your fuel in a matter of seconds, and this can cause panic. Well, Don’t! Let us clarify, though you will be spending a lot of fuel, you can set fuel consumption to Standard once you have secured a good position.

Additionally, in the second lap, you can activate the DRS system, which lowers the spoilers and reduce the overall drag on your car, increasing the speed and conserving a lot of fuel. You can also use the ERS to further reduce your fuel consumption later on in the race.

Take Car Performance and Safety Seriously

This seems like a no-brainer and repetitive with all the upgrade banter above, but this is one of the most overlooked features in the race.

For example, the players will be focusing on the alignment, engine, brakes, suspension and stuff, but will end up completely ignoring the performance of their tires. Your tire quality and wear will drastically affect your performance and even if you are using the best setup, what good will it do if the tires give up on you mid-race?

Secondly, you need to make sure that the car is safe in all terrains and conditions. Sometimes, you’ll have to race in rain and in a hilly area with highs and lows and sharp turns. If your unsafe car ends up crashing, it will waste a lot of time, money and cost you the entire race.

Use Pits stops to avoid the possibility of any accidents or wear and tear on your car so that it can keep up its tiptop performance.

Know your Opponent

You have the option to see the performance and all the stats of your opponents. The wear on the car, as well as the strategy, is fully displayed for you, so use this to your benefit.

New players will solely focus on increasing their performance and pay no heed to the competition. This is a huge mistake, and knowing what’s on your opponent’s mind can help you make a lot of important decisions.

You can predict their moves, and plan ahead on how will you work around them to guarantee you your victory.

Just pause and look at all the strategies, current positions, conditions and data on your own vehicle to make decisions. It’s OK for the drivers to be rash, but you are the manager and your calls can cost you the entire race.


You are not stuck with whatever crew you had picked at the start of F1 Manager 2022. You need to be smart to get the win. If that means that you need to change the crew, then do so. You should try to keep the highest rating crew on your team and settle for nothing less than the best.

However, if you have a good crew and good ratings, don’t go out of your way to fire them and hire a new crew. Only upgrade your crew when you have enough money and you have the option to make a significant jump.

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