F1 Manager 2022 Practice Session Guide

This guide will explain how to start a practice session in F1 Manager 2022 and what to expect in it.

Practicing before the main race is crucial in F1 Manager 22. It increases your driver’s confidence, improving your car according to the race track and providing additional bonuses on the upcoming track. You can start a total of three practice runs which will improve the performance of your driver and setup the car according to their liking. This guide will explain how to start a practice session in F1 Manager 2022 and what to expect in it.

How to Start a Practice Session

You can start the Practice session by simply enabling the Practice Format Setting that can be found in F1 Manager 22 career mode which will then allow you to simulate practice sessions. You can get a maximum of 25 laps per practice session. However, you need to make sure you have the budget for it. Practice sessions also require you to micro-manage everything.

F1 Manager 2022 Practice Session Tips

To maximize the efficiency of the practice sessions, make sure to micro-manage them yourself rather than relying on the simulation.

You will need a proper balance between the current parts you are using and the new parts you will switch. So, rather than dropping all the upgrades in one go, upgrade your car once or twice to keep the flow and experience of your drivers balanced.

These practice sessions will allow your driver to gain experience over time and grant them performance bonuses on control, accuracy, cornering, braking, and reactions.

There are 15 points of performance that are divided into Track Acclimatization, Car Parts Knowledge, and Setup Confidence.

Track Acclimatization

Gaining Track acclimatization is simply by having your drivers practice on the track they will be racing on. Getting knowledge of the track layout will improve your driver’s confidence. This gives them 3 points to increase the performance bonus and hence grant additional bonuses.

When your driver has 5 data points that can be shown on the right side of the screen, he will radio the engineer giving his feedback on the performance of the car. The better racing engineer you have, the faster you will accumulate the data points.

After maxing out, you will recall the driver and again tweaking out for them to run again and gain more experience on the track.

Car Parts Knowledge

Having knowledge of what parts and what condition they are being used in is essential for the driver. They can increase their knowledge simply by practicing on the tracks.

The challenge here is to finding the balance between the parts you use and to further experiment with the new and improved parts which develop as the season progresses. This gives you 3 points which will further increase your driver’s performance.

Setup Confidence

Tweaking your car according to your driver’s preference is essential to maintaining a constant speed on the track.

That said, you can find the blue lines in the car ability area, which indicates the driver’s preference zone. The more time the driver spends on the track, the more the blue will be narrowed down. This will give you 9 points that will give you additional bonuses on the performance of a driver.

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