No, Borderlands 3 Doesn’t Have Any Exclusive Promotion Agreement With Microsoft

Since the news regarding Borderlands 3 has been pretty much scattered, with very few details, fans have resorted to speculations and rumors. Among those rumors was a claim that Microsoft’s gaming unit may have entered into exclusive marketing agreements with third-party developers. Though Gearbox Software Studio head has denied such agreements.

Obviously, if this agreement took place it would be to promote various new upcoming AAA titles. Which apparently also includes Borderlands 3.

That said, Gearbox Software Studio Head Randy Pitchford recently clarified that he does not have any information about such agreements taking place.

Furthermore, he was very agitated upon those journalists who have presented such news without any authentic substantiation.

Communicating to those media outlets that contribute to propagating such rumors he said in a Tweet, that it is pretty clear “this information is being spread by sources with zero reputation.”

Adding to that he also said, reposting a news that has no authenticity is one of the biggest problems with the digital journalism.

That being said, he completely denied any exclusive agreement with Microsoft. Which also includes Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is in the works that we are pretty sure off, as the developers have confirmed that, but still what they have not confirmed is the release date of the game.

Although recently there has been an update regarding the release date of the game. According to Take-Two, their biggest video game franchise from 2K will be releasing in 2019.

They did not specify which game, still we can safely assume that it is Borderlands 3.

Keeping all that in mind, Gearbox Software Studio as a whole should realize that keeping the fans on low information regarding Borderlands 3 or perhaps any other game, is bound to generate such rumors.

Speculations and rumors are some of those things that fans cannot stop. Especially when they are pretty low on the details.

Let’s hope we hear some news regarding Borderland 3’s release date soon enough.