Borderlands 3 Confirmed Again But No Official Announcement

Borderlands 3 might be in the making for a long time and was confirmed by director today. The last title from the Borderlands was the Pre-Sequel.

Borderlands 3 is in development for a long time and have been mentioned before, it is confirmed to be in development but there is no official announcements.

Recently the director replied to a tweet who was asked about where you been busy and it all made sense to everyone waiting when he replied with a tweet which included Borderlands telling us that he’s been busy working on next Borderlands.

The person who sent the tweet is apparently an associate who he hasn’t met for a while and Borderlands 3 is the reason.

The tweet is actually not the first time to hear about Borderlands 3, a year ago GearBox CEO Randy Pitchford, who confirmed that the game is in development.

At last years Game Developers Conference Randy Pitchford did show a tech demo which featured new systems in the game which they are working on and tweeted a picture with a mo-cap.

The character showed in the tech demo was obstructed intentionally to avoid spoilers. Which He confirmed in another tweet by saying that Randy confirmed the game in making a while ago.

Borderlands 3 in the making is confirmed by Pytlik who has also written in his bio on twitter that he is working on the next installment. We might  get more details about the game soon after all these years. Borderland Fans are waiting for the reveal from the GearBox since the hope Pytlik gave us in his tweets.

All we need is now an E3 to detail everything about this new game so we can relax. Sadly there is no Borderlands coming for the Nintendo Switch. We will tell you more details as they get revealed.

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