Borderlands 3 Release Date Might Be Between Now And Early 2019

A Borderlands 3 release date might be sometime in the 2019 fiscal year, according to hints by 2K Games, the publishers of the Borderlands series. However, that's so far just a rumor.

Borderlands players might have something to look forward to over the next year, as 2K Games has said that a new title of “one of 2K Games’s biggest franchises” is going to be coming out in the company’s 2019 fiscal year. Fans of the series have taken that to mean a Borderlands 3 release date.

Borderlands hasn’t had a new game come out for it since 2012, when Borderlands 2 came out, and its semi-expansion Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, a compilation of the Pre-Sequel game, Borderlands 2, and all of their DLC came out in 2015, but players have been hoping for several years now a new Borderlands game would be coming at some point soon.

While there’s no indication of whether or not it’s actually a Borderlands game, if it is, the possibility of a Borderlands 3 release date is cause for excitement. While players did get a temporary Borderlands fix in the form of the Telltale Games “Tales from the Borderlands” episodic game, it doesn’t necessarily hold on to the sort of madcap weapon-collecting shooter that most Borderlands games are.

Fiscal years for companies normally end in March and then begin again, so sometime between March of this year and March of next year, we’ll likely get an announcement of some kind and then a release sometime after that.

Borderlands 3 has previously been hinted at by Gearbox Chief Executive Officer Randy Pitchford to be in development, though he hasn’t shown off anything about the game despite all of the teasing. Hopefully the teasing can finally end and Borderlands fans will finally be able to return to Pandora and go on the sorts of chaotic and gun-filled adventures that are normally in a Borderlands game.

In the meantime, fans will just have to wait until Gearbox and 2K Games actually decide to announce the game themselves, not to mention announcing a Borderlands 3 release date.

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