How To Get Watchdog’s Staff In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an unforgiving game but it gives you powerful weapons to fight your enemies, like the Watchdog's Staff. Read on how to get it!

The Watchdog’s Staff is one of the many melee armaments you will find in Elden Ring. This weapon is wielded by Erdtree Burial Watchdogs who are responsible for protecting catacombs. 

It has decent scaling in both Strength and Dexterity and comes with its Sorcery of the Crozier skill. This will allow you to channel magic into the Glintstone that activates the ancient sorcery, making it one of the most potent weapons to wield. 

Today you will learn where to find Watchdog’s Staff in Elden Ring and how you can upgrade it to cause more mayhem. 

Watchdog’s Staff location in Elden Ring 

To find the Colossal Watchdog’s Staff, you must travel to the Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring. This location is home to the Road’s End Catacombs where you will find the Watchdog’s Staff from.  

The location is unlocked on the map after acquiring the Liurnia, West Map Fragment. Below is the map location that pinpoints the exact location you must travel to acquire this melee armament. 

After reaching the area on the map, use your mount to travel through the path under the large cliffs while avoiding the large Jellyfish next to the cliff. Head left from the cliff and past the broken tombs, and into the dungeon known as the Road’s End Catacombs. 

Head down the two sets of stairs and move right from the hallway. Use the next two sets of stairs on the platform with a statue on it to reach the lower left side of the dungeon while avoiding any enemy that comes your way.  

As you reach this part of the dungeon, you must turn around to attack the wall next to the set of stairs to reveal a hidden room with a group of Imps inside.  

Make your way through them and reach the back left part of the area to collect the Watchdog’s Staff at the corner, illuminated with a purple light. 

Watchdog’s Staff upgrades and stats

Level: 0+ 

  • Physical Damage: 165 
  • Strength: D 
  • Dexterity: D 

 Level: 10+ 

  • Physical Damage: 404 
  • Strength: C 
  • Dexterity: D 
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