How To Get The War Surgeon Set In Elden Ring

Each of the four pieces of the War Surgeon Set can be obtained by finding and defeating the Nameless White Masks in Elden Ring.

The War Surgeon Set is a four-piece armor set in Elden Ring. This set is most commonly worn by the White Mask Varré who are your quest NPC found during the initial stages of the game. Having a weight of 16.6, War Surgeon comes in the lightweight division of armor.

Equipping this armor set will provide you with the maximum number of immunities along with other bonuses through its helm, making it a decent late-game armor set in Elden Ring.

Pairing it with the Lazuli Glintstone Sword in the Magic Archer Build will help you deal damage to the opponent while staying in the protection of the armor.

If you have decided to wear this armor set, then we have just the right guide for you. Below we have given the location where you can find each piece of the War Surgeon Set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the War Surgeon Set in Elden Ring

Each of the four pieces of the War Surgeon Set can be obtained by finding and defeating the Nameless White Masks. These enemies can be found roaming in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum area.

Something important to know is that you will encounter three Nameless White Masks in total. However, only one of them will drop the entire War Surgeon Set.

War Surgeon Set map location in Elden Ring

As mentioned before, the War Surgeon Armor Set is found in the Mohgwyn Dynasty area. However, you cannot access this location directly as it requires a third-party route to reach it.

Start off by visiting the Hidden Path to the Haligtree and make your way to the location marked on the Elden Ring map. This is where you will be invaded by an invader. Defeat the invader and open a teleporter which you can use to reach the Palace Approach Ledge-Road.

Once at the, you will see the Lake of Blood below where you will find the three Nameless White Mask NPC to defeat (three spots marked on the map). Out of which one will drop the entire set of armor.

However, before you drop down to the lake, there is a large bird that will cause mayhem when you try to fight the NPCs. Therefore, from the Ledge Road, use a bow to attack it once which will lure the bird towards you and down the large gap, thus killing it.

Once that’s done, use your mount and head to the right side, and follow it to the small split on the left that leads you to a hidden cave.

Exit the cave and onto the Lake of Blood. Reach the cliffside where you will encounter the Nameless White Masks. Defeat the trio and acquire the entire War Surgeon Armor Set in Elden Ring.

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