Where to Find the Lazuli Glintstone Sword in Elden Ring

This guide will help you find Lazuli Glintstone Sword in Elden Ring so that you can round out your Intelligence based builds.

A weapon revered as a holy one among the Carian sorcerers who wish to perfect the art of Glintstone magic, Lazuli Glintstone Sword belongs to the straight swords category in Elden Ring. Made of wood with a lazuli hilt, this weapon can deal both physical and magic damage to its opponents.

Finding a specific item or weapon in Elden Ring is akin to searching a haystack for a needle, a very specific one at that. But fret not, we will be guiding you on how to find this elusive weapon and will be explaining Lazuli Glintstone Sword’s stats in detail below.

How to Get Glintstone Sword Location in Elden Ring

Like many weapons in Elden Ring, Lazuli Glintstone Sword can only be obtained by farming special enemies known as Glintstone Scholars. It can’t be obtained as a reward for a quest completion or acquired as a treasure from the world of The Lands Between.

Lazuli glintstone Sword has a very low drop rate when farming. There is only a 2% chance for the enemies to drop this weapon at 100 discovery. This makes random farming a lot of chore for Lazuli Glintstone Sword. The easiest way to farm this sword is to travel to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace in Raya Lucaria Academy. There is a Glintstone Sorcerer nearby, which the players need to farm.

lazuli glintstone sword location elden ring

Use Silver Pickled Fowl Foot and invest in the Arcane stat to increase your discovery. Use the site of grace repeatedly to spawn the enemy again and again. You will be able to obtain Lazuli Glintstone Sword in no time by following this strategy.

Lazuli Glintstone Sword Stats and Requirements

Lazuli Glintstone Sword is a preferred weapon of sorcerers making it an intelligence-based weapon. Players need 8 points in Strength stat, 9 points in Dexterity stat, and 13 points in Intelligence stat to wield this straight sword. It also scales with Strength (D scaling), Dexterity (E scaling), and Intelligence (D scaling). Lazuli Glintstone Sword is extremely light, weighing only 3.5 making it a mouthwatering option for early game builds.

Stat Name Attack Guard
Physical 79 30
Magical 94 55
Fire 0 25
Light 0 25
Holy 0 25
Critical/Boost 100 30

Lazuli Glintstone Sword can only be upgraded with the help of Somber Smithing Stones up to level 10. Once fully upgraded, Lazuli Glintstone Sword deals 193 physical damage and 230 Magical Damage. It’s upscaling also improves for Strength (C scaling) and Dexterity (D scaling) upon reaching the maximum upgrade.

Lazuli Glintstone Sword Unique Skills and Builds

Like the rest of the weapons in Elden Ring, Lazuli Glintstone Sword also has a unique weapon skill known as Glintstone Pebble (8 FP). This ability allows players to throw a projectile magic shard at enemies, immediately followed by a thrust attack.

Lazuli Glintstone Sword also has a unique heavy attack that allows players to cancel all the attacks before slamming the sword upon their foes. This sword can’t be infused with Ashes of War or grease. This severely limits the options available for Lazuli Glintstone Sword.

Lazuli Glintstone Sword can be sold for 100 runes (base value), or it can be used to create builds that revolve around Intelligence Stat and the use of sorceries. As for which build you should use around Lazuli Glintstone, since the weapon scales well with Strength and Dexterity, you should prioritize these stats. Also, this weapon has been used for PvP purposes as well. Dual-wielding the Lazuli Glintstone Sword can result in some fund builds.

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