Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Walkthrough

In this Elden Ring walkthrough, we'll be looking into the depths of the War-Dead Catacombs and what entering it entails....

In this Elden Ring walkthrough, we’ll be looking into the depths of the War-Dead Catacombs and what entering it entails. It is home to some precious loot like Radahn Soldier Ashes, Redmane Knight Ogha, and a Golden Seed. And it is also home to a tough boss – Putrid Tree Spirit. Here are all the things you need to know about War-Dead Catacombs.

How to Get to War-Dead Catacombs in Elden Ring

Like the Caelid Catacombs, War-Dead Catacombs is also a minor dungeon in Elden and can be found in the same region. Players will have to embark on the journey towards the Caelid Region on the map and find their way to this cave.

Finding your way around this dungeon is more accessible, unlike most dungeons in Elden Ring.

Just as you have gotten rid of Starscourge Radahn, head north from the location you’re in and make you towards the shore at the east.

Here you’ll find a pair of doors, and heading downstairs will take you to a Site of Grace. And voila, you’re in the War-Dead Catacombs.

Elden Ring War-Dead Catacombs Walkthrough

Now that you’re inside, it’s time to get ready for all the madness packed in this dark dungeon.

Just as you take the stairs past the Site of Grace, you’ll encounter some spirits battling each other. Cleanrot Knight spirits and Godrick Knight spirits will be picking bones with each other.

And while they do that, you can safely hide and watch them kill each other and later pick up runes they drop once they are dead. This is a free-loot no -effort situation, so take as much advantage as possible.

However, these spirits will respawn, making it harder for you to travel across the room and pick up the rewards. However, if you pull through and defeat these knights, you’ll soon have many rewards to collect, so it’s worth taking a chance.

Once you defeat them, the body on the floor towards the center of the room will have 3 Magic Grease, and you can also find 6 Ghost Glovewort plants planted all across the room. Now head to the opposite side of the room and take the stairs down.

Here, you’ll find a locked door leading to the boss arena and a stairway leading to the north. Using these stairs will lead you to a tunnel but beware since an archer spirit will be around here ready to attack you.

Take it down and head towards the tunnel’s left, where another archer spirit and warrior will be ready to attack you.

You’ll have to take the warrior down while avoiding the archer’s aims, so be sure you roll around and hit warrior, and once it’s dead, take down the spirit. As you get rid of both of them, go to the nearby room where you’ll be greeted by the two measly spirits and 6 Grave Glovewort plants. Clear the way and grab the plants.

Now turn towards where the corridor is, and yet again, an annoying warrior will be there standing, excited to attack you with a two-handed sword.

Take him down by your powerful slashes and head towards the corner, and you’ll see a red-crested soldier spirit.

Pass through it and enter the room where you’ll have a warrior ready to fight again. Take it down and grab the Grave Violet plant from the room.

Now go back to the red-crested soldier and defeat him to grab the Grave Glovewort [6] and Grave Violet plants surrounding him. Phew, we know this dungeon is a lot of work!

From where you killed the red-crested soldier, go back towards the room you were earlier in, head towards the left alcove, and jump out. You’ll find stairs here that can be used to approach the lever.

Take the stairs and go left. Here, you’ll encounter 4 Fanged Imps and Cleanrot Knight. Clear them out to grab and go to the room upstairs to collect the Radahn Soldier Ashes from the corpse.

Once you’ve acquired the ashes, head out of the room and jump out of the window from here. Grab a Grave Glovewort [6] plant and a Grave Violet from here and turn to the corner to discover a lever that you’ll have to pull to open boss arena doors.

Now go inside and fall towards the giant statue. Deal with the Fanged Imp and an Imp with a two-handed blade in the area and grab Ghost Glovewort[4] from here.

Now go through the tunnel, and you’ll find yourself at the same place where you first entered the dungeon.

Use dry patches to avoid the liquid floor, grab the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot from the nearby body, and acquire Collapsing Stars spell after killing two roaming spirits. Now head towards the same area where you first found the locked door and enter to begin the boss fight!

How to Defeat Putrid Tree Spirit at War-Dead Catacombs

This boss is very aggressive and wastes no time advancing attacks towards you. Unfortunately, it is incredibly mobile and has the worst kind of Fire attacks that can wrap you around.

You’ll be caught off guard if you think that the Tree Spirit will give you time to breathe as it has quick follow-up attacks.

And to make matters worse, it also has this annoying attack known as lunging bites. It’s an attack where this boss will go to the other end of the fight arena, swipe its mouth three times, to produce fire.

To avoid this deadly attack, we recommend you stick to the side of the arena, which will have you out of the radius of the attack.

Putrid Tree Spirit will also swing its tail around the arena, and if you get hit, you’ll get some devastating damage. Again, stay to the sides, and you’ll be safe.

Another attack this boss does is scarlet rot attacks, which release fire from its mouth and travel to the end of the arena. Again, you need to be rolling here and there to avoid damage.

Also, the spirit can grab you directly and fire right onto you, so you better keep a distance from this monster. Another attack to be cautious about is the fire explosion, which can kill you if you’re not rolling away.

However, players can save themselves as the boss emits a red aura before charging these attacks. So run as far as you can to protect yourself.

Putrid Spirit can also swipe its tail to hit you if you stick to its hind side for too long.  You can summon spirits to help you execute your melee attacks to take this beast down.

There’s a lot of running and dodging involved, so using Ashes of War like the Bloodhound’s Step will help.

Players will receive Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes and Golden Seed upon defeating the Putrid Tree Spirit.

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