How To Get The Veteran’s Set In Elden Ring

Once you have defeated Commander Niall in Elden Ring, you will now be able to buy the whole Veteran Armor Set from the Roundtable Hold.

The Veteran’s Set is a medium-weight armor set that will increase the Defense and Resistance of players in Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, the Veteran Set Armor is worn by Commander Niall which you will encounter after defeating Morgott the Omen King in the Northeastern part of Forbidden Lands.

There are a total of four pieces (Veteran’s Gauntlets, Veteran’s Greaves, Veteran’s Helm, and Veteran’s Armor) that you need to complete the Veteran Armor Set. We have made a detailed guide following every step on how to get the full set.

Where to find the Veteran’s Set in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the full set of Veteran Armor Set can be purchased from the Ania located in Roundtable Hold. But before you all head over there, there is a prerequisite which is to first defeat Commander Niall.

For you to get the full set of armor, defeating Commander Niall is necessary. You can find Commander Niall in Castle Sol located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

To get there, you first need to make your way to the northeast part of Forbidden Lands. While getting there, you will pass Ancient Snow Valley Ruins until you come across the Freezing Lake.

You then need to travel around the lake to the west side passing the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook. From there, you can travel a little East, and Castle Sol Main Gate will be in front of you.

Veteran's Set map location in Elden Ring

How to defeat Commander Niall in Elden Ring

As soon as the fight with Commander Niall begins, he will summon two Spectral Knights to fight by his side. One Knight will be equipped with twin blades and the other one will have a sword and a shield.

The first thing you need to do here is to get rid of the knights, starting off with the one with twin blades. This is because he will be easier to knock down. Given the other knight has a shield, he will take a little beating before he goes down.

Also, the other knight has frost-based attacks which your summoned spirit can easily handle. The bulk of the fight will be taken care of once you have defeated both Spectral Knights.

Soon after that, your fight with Commander Niall begins. He has a lot of attacks on his sleeves that revolve around wide-ranging swings and thrusts with his battle axe. You can break his defense if you build Critical Ripostle by stunning him with repeated attacks.

The thing you need to be careful of is his blizzard which can cover the whole arena with an area of effect buildup inflicting frost damage. Your spirit will, however, not last long with his hard-hitting attacks.

One way of maintaining distance and at the same time dealing damage is by casting spells from afar. Still, then, he can reach you with the swing of his halberd therefore you need to dodge roll when that happens.

Commander Niall will also deal lightning damage with his AOE attack which you can easily dodge by rolling on either side. Nearly all of his attacks can be dodged but some still takes away part of your health.

If you manage to defeat Commander Niall, you will get Veteran Prosthetics as a reward.

Where to buy the Veteran’s armor set in Elden Ring

Once you have defeated Commander Niall, you will now be able to buy the whole Veteran Armor Set from the Roundtable Hold.

Once there, you need to find and talk to Finger Reader Ania where you will be able to buy the whole set for 18000 Runes. This will include Veteran’s Gauntlets, Veteran’s Greaves, Veteran’s Helm, and Veteran Armor.

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