Where to Find Ash of War: Unsheathe in Elden Ring

There are several Ashes of War waiting to be discovered in Elden Ring. For Elden Ring players looking to find Ash of War: Unsheathe in particular, the following guide will help make the search easy.

Elden Ring Unsheathe Ash of War Location

Coming out into Limgrave, you need to look for Agheel Lake. By going towards the south of the lake, you will find a creature resting inside the water.

A little glow will help you recognize this to be a Teardrop Scarab which will drop the item you’re here for upon death. Before rushing in for the kill, know that there are giant crabs around in the water which will reveal themselves when you come close to the Teardrop Scarab.

The crabs can make it a bit difficult to take out the Scarab before it disappears. You can use two different strategies depending upon your character’s nature.

For melee characters, it is best that they make use of R1 attack and then follow it before the crabs appear. Another strategy for those who can cast at range is to make use of projectiles. By shooting projectiles, you can get rid of the crabs and then have the Scarab all to yourself.

How to Use Unsheathe Ash of War in Elden Ring

Now that the Unsheathe Ash of War has been unlocked, the question of how to use it arises. This section will go over how to use Ash of War: Unsheathe in Elden Ring in detail.

To begin, equip a Katana with Unsheathe and then press the respective key to use the Ash of War: Unsheathe based on your platform:

  • To use the Unsheathe Ash of War on PC, hold Shift and Right Mouse Click simultaneously, then press Left Mouse Click.
  • To use the Unsheathe Ash of War on Xbox, hold down the Left Trigger and then press RB.
  • If you’re using a PlayStation, press L2 and then R1 to Unsheathe Katana and use the Ash of War ability.

Following the completion of the steps, you will be presented with one of two options. You have the option of performing a light horizontal cross slash or a heavy vertical overhead slash.

Light Horizontal Cross Slash

The Light Horizontal Cross Slash is the first attack you can use. The cost of this attack is 10 FP per slash and you’ll find it pretty useful against large groups of enemies.

This attack is also effective against fast-moving enemies, but because it is a light attack, enemies with shields or heavy armor can withstand the Unsheath.

Heavy Vertical Overhead Slash

Heavy Vertical Overhead Slash is a heavy attack that slashes downward vertically. It’s effective against flying enemies and deals a lot of stagger damage.

This attack is devastating at close range and can easily break through shields or heavy armor. The downside is that it costs 15 FP per slash and if you miss, you will be punished with a counter attack.

This attack is less effective on uneven terrain and against fast-moving enemies because you will almost certainly miss.

Weapons Using Unsheathe Ash of War

Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify a Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values. All Katanas in Elden Ring can be infused with the Unsheathed Ash of War.

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