How to Find and Beat Stonedigger Troll In Elden Ring

Magic and Blunt weapons work great against the Stonedigger Troll boss in Elden Ring. You just need to learn his attacks and it will easier to beat.

Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring is a giant boss inside Limgrave Tunnels. In Elden Ring, as you progress through the game exploring The Land Between, you will encounter many bosses. Among, these bosses many are optional yet they offer some amazing rewards. Stonedigger Troll is one of the early bosses you might encounter in the game.

Despite the fact, that it’s totally up to you if you want to defeat it and also it’s the first boss you are encountering, it is no less fearful it can cast various attacks over you taking advantage of its giant size. Facing trouble in dealing with Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring? Here is a complete guide for you.

Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring is a gigantic monster with huge gloves which you will encounter twice in the game. The first time, you will meet this boss a few minutes after you have started Elden Ring as the first boss inside Limgrave Tunnel and then you’ll encounter it once more in the middle.

Stonedigger Troll’s biggest weakness in Elden Ring is speed. No doubt, that this huge monstrous boss can two-shot you but soon after you’ve learned his attacking pattern this won’t be a tough thing to tackle as you can quickly get away. However, Stonedigger will also perform some surprise attacks for which you need to be fully prepared. Here is everything you need to know about Stonedigger Troll Boss in Elden Ring;

Where To Find Stonedigger Troll Boss in Elden Ring

Stonedigger Troll Boss in Elden Ring is located inside Limgrave Tunnel, located next to the northern edge of Agile Lake.

stonedigger troll elden ring limgrave location

After you enter the Tunnel, you will see a lift going down. Take this lift, go down, and after reaching the lowest floor come out of it and move straight to reach an open room. From this room, turn right and then use the lever to call back the lift and prepare yourself to jump into it. After using this lift, take the third lift to reach the bottom layers and as you reach here, you will encounter the Stonedigger Troll boss.

Stonedigger Troll Boss Core Mechanics

The boss in Elden Ring uses its massive size to influence the combat in his favor.

Stomp Attack

While encountering this troll, the worst thing that you have to deal with is Stomp Attack. In this attack, Stonedigger raises its foot in the air and then smashes it on the ground giving you huge damage if you’re in melee range.

Over this, Stonedigger Troll can also raise the opposite foot to chain this attack into a back swing which makes it even more deadly.  During this backswing, when its second foot reaches the background, it can swing that massive club around its body to catch you off guard.

Over Head Attack

Stonedigger Troll’s other deadly attack is the Overhead Slam which often chains with the Stomp Attack making it even more deadly. This move although has a long wind-up time once it’s loaded, the boss will slam his club on the ground dealing huge damage in the sizeable AOE. Moreover, it can lift the club again to do an extra attack, therefore, keep an eye over its body language and move away as soon as you see it lifting its club.

Slap Attack

Stonedigger Troll Boss also can slap across his body. In this attack, the boss bends down and waves its arm across its body which resembles a slap. It can perform Slap Attack in combination with Front hand swing and Backhand swing while moving forward, which is a devastating attack therefore be prepared to timely dodge it.

Strategy To Defeat Stonedigger Troll Boss

Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring lacks mobility due to its enormous size. Moreover, the combat involves ranged attacks therefore, this fight is easy for magic users as they know how to stay afar and deal damage. Melee users on the hand have to be a little more careful because of these deadly ranged attacks it can launch.

For all of you who are Melee users, be aware of its overhead attack as the AOE has a crazy range. No matter if you think you are already out of range, even then step backward to be on a safe site as the ranges here are greater than any other boss in Elden Ring or any other game. It’s recommended that you use blunt weapons against Stonedigger Troll as sharp weapons won’t do any considerable damage to it.

Each time it launches an attack, there is some time for you after the attack to deal damage to the boss as windups are slow here. Therefore, the key to this boss fight is patience especially when you’re a melee user.

As the fight starts, in the beginning, keep yourself at a distance and try to observe the attacking pattern. After which whenever you see the boss has slammed his foot on the ground quickly go near it and give it damages. However, there’s another thing you need to be aware of while rushing towards it after it has slammed its foot on the ground.

 In case, Stonedigger has slammed his right foot this indicates back swing therefore in this case you have to further wait at a safe distance and then launch an attack. Thus, take work with patience and also do some chain dodging, eventually, you will defeat Stonedigger and the reward will be yours.


Once, you have defeated Stoner Digger Troll in Elden Ring, you will receive Roar Medallion as a reward. This item, when equipped increases the damage of roar and breath attacks.