Elden Ring Limgrave Tunnels Walkthrough

This guide will walk you through the Limgrave Tunnels in Elden Ring and tell you what enemies to expect, the...

This guide will walk you through the Limgrave Tunnels in Elden Ring and tell you what enemies to expect, the rewards you will get from here, and the final boss fight. Located in West Limgrave, it is one of the main sources of Smithing Stones, which you can use to upgrade your weapons.

You will also face Rat, Miner, and Zombie Dog enemies throughout the tunnels and a final boss named Stonedigger Troll at the end of the Limgrave Tunnels dungeon.

How to Get to Limgrave Tunnels in Elden Ring

The Limgrave Tunnel dungeon is located on the northern side of Agheel Lake in the Limgrave region. However, on your way to the dungeon, you will most likely be greeted by the Great Dragon Agheel if you go from the lake.

Below, we have attached a screenshot of the map with the location of the dungeon marked on it:

Elden Ring Limgrave Tunnels Walkthrough

Before entering the dungeon, make sure you have a Torch and Two-handed Weapon. Torch is needed to make the path more visible to you, and a Two-handed Weapon is required to deal damage to the enemies you will face in the dungeon.

The enemies here have crystallized skin and will not get damaged by single-handed weapons. You can also use magic to deal damage to these enemies.

When you enter the tunnel, there will be a lift that you can use to go down. This will be the first floor of the dungeon. You will find a Site of Grace and a mining chamber here.

Enter the mining chamber and take care of the Stonediggers mining there. They will be mining for Smithing Stone, and you can take it from them by defeating them.

They will be watched by another Stonedigger that will attack you on sight. Look out for its charge attack and the rocks that it throws.

Once dealt with, go forward, and you will come against three rats. Kill the rats and go further to find a corpse with 1x Smithing Stone. When the area is clear, go towards the path straight from where you killed the rats. You will find another elevator at the end of the path.

There is an opening that you can jump into on your way down. You can take the elevator as many times as you like until you can jump into the opening. You will find more Stonediggers here.

Kill the Stonediggers and loot the area. Now go back to the path you came from and jump down from cliff to cliff. You will encounter a shack with a dog and corpse inside on the next floor. Kill the dog and loot the corpse for Large Glinstone Scrap.

Take care of all the enemies in the area and loot the floor to get more rewards. Then, use the elevator and go back to the opening that you jumped on while riding the elevator. Finally, go to the elevator at the end of the path.

This elevator will take you to the last floor, where the Stonedigger Troll Boss is. Ahead of you will be a wooden door which leads to the area where the boss fight will happen. Open the door and go inside.

How to Defeat Stonedigger Troll at Limgrave Tunnel

Once you go inside, it will be time to face the boss of these tunnels. The boss fight will not be a hard one as the boss will take a considerable amount of damage on each attack.

Paired with the magic damage, you will be able to take it down in five to six hits. The boss is slow in movement and performs up to two or three attacks.

It will mostly perform a sweeping attack with its melee weapon that will cover a full 180 degrees area in front of it. It will also bash its weapon in the ground, but the attack animation takes a lot of time. You can dodge both attacks by rolling back or to the sides.

The fight will take you 2-3 mins to complete, according to the weapon you use. Once the fight is over, you will get the Roar Medallion talisman.