How To Get The Shaman Set In Elden Ring

The Shaman Set is dropped by the Ancestral Follower Shamans that spawn in the vicinity of the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace in Elden Ring.

The Shaman Set in Elden Ring is a light armor set that provides moderate all-around coverage against Physical and Magic damage.

Even though the Shaman Set doesn’t have much to write home about regarding its defensive abilities it does work really well when paired with the Ancestral Infant’s Head, thanks to the additional damage boost that it provides.

The Shaman Set consists of only three induvial armor pieces the Shining Horned Headband, Shaman Furs, and Shaman Leggings, each of which must be obtained separately.

While all the armor pieces are relatively easy to obtain, the mob that drops them, the Ancestral Follower Shaman, spawns in an area of the late-game region Siofra River. Regardless, here’s how you can obtain the Shaman Set in Elden Ring

Where to find the Shaman Set in Elden Ring

The Shaman Set is dropped by the Ancestral Follower Shamans that spawn in the vicinity of the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace which is within the Siofra River region of Elden Ring.

This is a late-game that only becomes accessible once you have taken down the demigod General Starscourge Radahn in the Caelid region. Remember this fight is not an easy one and can only be attempted after you have made significant progress in the game.

Shaman Set map location in Elden Ring

Now once you have completed this boss fight you can finally enter the Nokron, Eternal City inside the Siofra River Region. You can use the crater formed by Radahan’s Fallen Star as an entry point to Nokron.

You must head to the Mistwood Forest in the eastern part of the Limgrave region and travel south to find this location.

The Ancestral Woods can then be approached by heading through Nokron, however, you will have to complete another boss battle against a Mimic Tear to do so.

You’ll open the route through the overpass after this boss fight which will lead you directly to this location.

Now at the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, you’ll have to wait for Ancestral Follower Shamans to spawn and farm them for the Shaman Set armor pieces. You can use burst attacks to take them out with one or two shots.

The first Shaman spawns just beside the Site of Grace, so you can just camp there and kill it over and over until you complete your Shaman Set.

The Shining Horned Headband, Shaman Furs, and Shaman Leggings each have a specific drop rate which you can boost by using certain talismans like the Silver Scarab Talisman. Certain consumable items like Silver Pickled Fowl Feet also increase the drop rate.

Remember that Shaman Furs and Shaman Leggings can only be acquired by killing normal Ancestral Follower Shamans, there is a way to guarantee the drop for a Shining Horned Headband.

The Singing Shaman that spawns by the ruins just up ahead from the Site of Grace has a guaranteed drop rate for the headband so you should go for it first.

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