How To Get To Ancestral Woods In Elden Ring

Of all the hidden places in Elden Ring, Ancestral Woods makes its way to the top confusing a lot of players. Like any hidden place, locating Ancestral Woods also requires a bit of a trek through the Elden Ring map.  

After getting to the Ancestral Woods, you will be able to fight and defeat Real Ancestor Spirit which is needed for 100% completion. This guide will take you through all the places needed to get to Ancestral Woods in Elden Ring.

How to reach the Ancestral Woods in Elden Ring

To get to Ancestral Woods in Elden Ring, you need to first make your way to the Nokron, Eternal City located along the Siofra River.

Start by making your way to the Mistwood by heading to the eastern part of the Limgrave. Once there, head south towards the Starfall Crater and you will reach the Nokron, Eternal City.

Keep in mind that the Nokron, Eternal City will only be available once you have defeated Starscourge Radahn Boss. Once you are in Nokron, Eternal City, you have to fight and defeat a compulsory boss Mimic Tear.  

After defeating Mimic Tear, you will finally be able to trek forward. Continue ahead until you come across a bridge with the aqueduct. The Ancestral Woods site of grace will then be on your left.

Ancestral Woods site of grace in Elden Ring

What to do at Ancestral Woods in Elden Ring

There are several things you can do here to level up your character in the game.

Fight Ancestral Followers

As soon as you set foot in Ancestral Woods, you will be attacked by a large group of Ancestral Followers. Don’t worry as they all don’t attack you at once. As they can detect your presence, therefore, staying in one place is not recommended.

After defeating the Ancestral Followers in the area, you will gain access to the Hallowhorn Grounds. Once there, you can collect items such as Kukri and Hefty Beef Bones in the debris.

Ignite Stone Pillars

Once you make your way to the Hallowhorn Grounds, you will find a total of six Stone Pillars. These pillars must all be ignited before you can summon the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss.

While igniting these Stone Pillars, you will also encounter a bunch of Ancestral Followers and Ancestral Shaman guarding the way.

Fight Real Ancestor Spirit

Once you have ignited all six Stone Pillars, you will be able to summon the Real Ancestor Spirit. The fight will be the last thing that can be done in the Ancestral Woods. You will get a Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor after defeating the boss.

The item can be taken to the Enia at roundtable hold to be exchanged for Ancestral Spirit’s Horn talisman.

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