How To Seek Three Wise Beasts In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the "seek three wise beasts" puzzle has annoyed players who have trouble solving it. Read to learn how to solve it!

Elden Ring offers players a variety of areas to discover with each consisting of a unique set of challenges and obstacles to complete. These challenges range from exploring dungeons to encountering locked towers that require you to solve certain puzzles to get rewarded with a prize.  

One such challenge you will stumble across is at the Rise Towers where you can find a recurring puzzle called “Seek Three Wise Beasts.” Not much else is given leaving you to use your wits to solve this puzzle.  

These towers are also home to several unique items, and if you are a magical user, then you are in luck as you will come across several new spells and Memory Stones inside different parts of the towers.   

Solving this puzzle is arguably one of the hardest tasks to complete. Therefore, we have prepared this Elden Ring Seek Three Great Wise Beasts guide to help you solve this recurring puzzle.  

Where to find the Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring 

Let’s look at where you can find the Seek three great wise beasts puzzle. This puzzle is divided into three different locations on the Elden Ring map.  

Elden Ring consists of three towers that hold the “Seek Three Great Wise Beasts” signs outside them. The three towers you will visit will be Chelona’s Rise, Testu’s Rise, and Oridys’s Rise. You can find them in Limgrave, Liurnia, and Weeping Peninsula respectively.  

However, each tower is locked by default and requires you to hunt down and kill three ghostly turtles in order to access them.  

These turtles are denoted by a blue glow on them, and they are found near each of the Elden Ring Rise towers. However, they are well-positioned and hidden from your view. Hence, you will face some difficulty finding them.  

Testu’s Rise Wise Beasts Locations 

You will find the first turtle by the main entrance of the tower to the left. However, as you approach it will disappear. The best way to kill it is by reaching it from the cliff side as it is found near a skeleton that is guarding it.  

The next turtle is found in the woods to the eastern section of Testu’s Rise in Elden Ring. You can find it up the tree trunks. 

The third and last turtle in this tower is found down the cliff’s edge in the southern section.  

Oridys’s Rise Rise Wise Beasts Locations 

You will find the first turtle parallel to the entrance of the tower in the northern section. The second turtle is found near the imp statue, behind some bushes on the left side of the tower’s stairs.  

As for the last turtle, head over to the right side of Oridys’s Rise to find it swimming in the pond. 

Chelona’s Rise Wise Beasts Locations 

The first turtle can be found at the edge of the cliff in the western section of Chelona’s Rise in Elden Ring.

The next turtle is at the cliffside, south of the Lunar Estate Ruins. The last turtle can be found in the southeastern part of the Ringleader’s Evergaol.  

Three Great Wise Beasts are not spawning

Various players have reported that the three great wise beats are not spawning outside the Turtle Towers in Elden Ring.

This error occurs when players rest at any Site of Grace or fast travel during the exploration of the three towers.  This causes the game to reload and despawn each turtle.

Therefore, the best way to find them is in one go and not rest at any Site of Grace. Read the Sign outside each Tower and simply use your mount to find these beasts.   

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