Elden Ring Chelona’s Rise Puzzle Solution

Similar to the other Rise towers in Elden Ring, you need to find the three wise beasts to solve Chelona's Rise.

The Chelona’s Rise tower is found in the southwest region of Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring. The area that contains this tower can only be accessed after progressing toward the end of Ranni’s quest line.

You must defeat Astel in the Grand Cloister to access the Moonlight Altar plateau. Magical spells seal Chelona’s Rise tower, so the only way to unlock the path toward the top of the building is to solve Chelona’s Rise tower puzzle in Elden Ring.

To solve the puzzle, you must know the Three Wise Beasts’ locations in Elden Ring. The solution of this puzzle allows you to collect Ranni’s Dark Moon item in Elden Ring.

In this Elden Ring guide, we will give you complete details on the location of Chelona’s Rise tower and three Great Wise Beasts, so that you can solve Chelona’s Rise puzzle easily and open the door.

Chelona’s Rise location in Elden Ring

Chelona’s Rise is a Magician’s Tower, whose door is sealed and can only be unlocked by solving a Puzzle. You can find this tower pretty easily by going south of the Ringleader’s Evergaol.

Chelona’s Rise map location in Elden Ring

Chelona’s Rise Tower is southwest of the Lunar Estate Ruins and Cathedral of Manus Celes. It is not too far away from these locations so you can find this pretty easily.

To solve Chelona’s Rise Puzzle, you will be given a clue as well, which is “Seek Three Great Wise Beasts”. After reaching the tower and getting the clue to find the Three Great Wise Beasts you have to find them to progress further.

However, if the turtles are not appearing in your game, you should repeatedly interact with the tome next to Chelona’s Rise. This will cause the “Seek Three Great Wise Beasts” line to appear more, and you should also avoid using fast travel in Elden Ring to overcome this glitch. Once you unlock the tower, you can rest or fast-travel using any grace site in Elden Ring.

Chelona’s Rise Three Wise Beast Locations

We will tell you about the locations of all three wise beasts for Chelona’s Rise puzzle along with the map locations in Elden Ring so you can find them easily.

All these three Beasts are basically big turtles that you are going to find in Elden Ring so without wasting much time let’s start with their locations.

Great Wise Beast #1

Elden Ring Three Great Wise Beasts Location 1

Right at Chelona’s Rise where you read the note saying seek three great wise beasts, go little rights towards the edge of the mountain.

When you look down below from the edge of the mountain you will find this turtle sticking to the side of the mountain. Just hit it once or twice and it will fall down. After that, you can move to the second location.

Great Wise Beast #2

Elden Ring Three Great Wise Beasts Location 2

Go to the location shown on the map above and from there move a little forward toward the standing rocks. From here you can easily see the turtle on the ledge below.

Simply jump down and hit the turtle and it will disappear and you can move to the location of the third and the last turtle.

Great Wise Beast #3

Elden Ring Three Great Wise Beasts Location 3

Go to the location shown on the map above to reach the horse jumping updraft. Jump using the updraft to autokill the third great wise beast

After that, you can get back to Chelona’s Rise tower and enter it. Go upstairs till you can and after that stand on the middle switch of the circular lift and it will take you up.

Once you are up using the lift get out and use the stairs to go further up. You will reach a room with a chest inside. Open the chest and you will find Ranni’s Dark Moon.

There are no NPCs or merchants in Chelona’s Rise area, but you can gather another item called the Rowa Fruit from this area.

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