How to Get Scavenger’s Curved Sword in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a variety of unique and powerful weapons to look for throughout the Lands Between. In this guide, we will be letting you know how to get Scavenger’s Curved Sword in Elden Ring by outlining its location.

How to Get Scavenger’s Curved Sword in Elden Ring

Scavenger’s Curved Sword is quite useful for melee users who want to make heavy hits at a short-range. It scales perfectly with Strength and Dexterity. To find this curved sword, the players need to make their way towards Mt. Gelmir. You will find Mt Gelmir while going up into Volcano Manor.

You need to head close to the Grafted Scion, which is situated across the bridge and northwest of the first campsite of Mt. Gelmir Site of Grace. Once you reach this location, you can find the curved sword on a corpse that is situated closest to the ladder. Here is an image of a map marking the exact location where you can find this curved sword.

Scavenger’s Curved Sword Location in Elden Ring

How to Use Scavenger’s Curved Sword

This sword scales perfectly with Dexterity, so add points into this attribute to enhance the damage for each attack that you make on the enemy.

You can also make changes to the default set scaling of this weapon through whetblades. You can now adjust the scaling according to the stats that you have set for yourself and enhance the damage. Moreover, one can also Prosthesis Wearer Heirloom to increase Dexterity, thus enhancing the damage dealt.

This weapon causes blood loss to build up gradually. Once the meter of the enemy gets filled completely, it will then cause a Hemorrhage that causes a heavy amount of damage which is unbearable for the enemy’s HP.

You can use equipment like Lord of Blood’s Exultation and the headwear White Mask will enhance the damage caused by physical attacks like Hemorrhage when performed close to you. Moreover, it is quite a fast hitting weapon and can easily stun lock the enemies (especially those with low Poise) at a short range.

Players can combine normal attacks with strong attacks to enhance the damage. For example, one can go for a charged up hard hitting slash which can be followed by some other attack. It is quite good to use when combined with Ashes of War or Status Effects.

Some good infusible options are Seppuku, Chilling Mist, Poisonous Mist, and Spinning Slash. With Spinning Splash, one can perform splash while moving 360 degrees around the field. You can also use another move to follow up this attack.

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