Where to Find Sanguine Noble Armor Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a diverse collection of armors that increase stats or give you cool looks. One of them is the Sanguine Noble Armor set. This guide will tell you where to find Sanguine Noble Armor Set in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Sanguine Noble Armor Set Stats

The sanguine armor set is one of the many end-game armor sets that typically have no set bonus but provides high immunity and magic damage negation, and a bit of physical damage negation.

Here are the stats for the complete armor set:

Damage Negation

  • Physical: 10.5
  • Strike: 8.5
  • Slash: 8.5
  • Pierce: 8.5
  • Magic: 25.3
  • Fire: 22.2
  • Light: 24.8
  • Holy: 25.7


  • Immunity: 97
  • Robustness: 37
  • Focus: 156
  • Vitality: 144
  • Poise: 3

Where to Find Sanguine Noble Armor Set in Elden Ring

To obtain the armor set, you will travel towards the Consecrated Grounds by obtaining the secret medallion for the Haligtree.

After entering the Consecrated Grounds, head towards the Ordina, Liturgical ground, and rest at its Site of Grace.

Then head southwest until you reach a gigantic tree. There, your mount will despawn, and a Sanguine Noble will invade you. Defeat the Noble to get his armor set.

How to Defeat the Sanguine Noble

Sanguine Noble is a mini-boss-type enemy. He has insane damage if you are not careful or are under-geared. You need to be at least 135 level to fight him on even grounds.

You can use your Bleed or Frost buildup weapons, but it will do less damage than usual and take some to buildup the status since the armor has high immunity status.

To win the fight easily, you need some heavy hitter weapons to stagger and drop a finisher attack on him. This strategy will deal massive damage.

Be careful of the enemies around you. There are a lot of enemies around the place you will be fighting. Do your best not to agro them because they will put you at a massive disadvantage. After defeating the invader, he will drop you the Sanguine Noble Armor Set.

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