Where To Go After Beating Red Wolf Of Radagon In Elden Ring

Halfway across the second legacy dungeon of Elden Ring, Raya Lucaria's Academy, you will encounter a great boss called Red Wolf of Radagon.

Halfway across the second legacy dungeon of Elden Ring, Raya Lucaria’s Academy, you will encounter a great boss inside the Debate Hall called Red Wolf of Radagon. Being true to its name, this massive red wolf is left there by Radagon to protect his wife, Queen Rennala, one of the shard bearers.

Red Wolf of Radagon is an easy fight, and once players understand its move set, it takes a couple of tries to take the big bad wolf down. However, this is not the end of Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring.

There is a whole other section of the academy (rooftops, slopes with falling boulders, crazy knights, magical creatures, and abductor virgins) that is now available for the players to explore.

What to do after beating the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring

From the site of grace after killing the Red Wolf of Radagon, turn left to find an entrance to the courtyard. This is a massive area and offers four different paths. We will be covering each with minor details below.

The upper floor of Debate Hall

Turn right when you exit the door and jump across to reach the balcony. Climb the ladder to reach the upper floor of Debate Hall in Elden Ring. Travel back to Debate Parlour and go back to the courtyard. Keep going straight and turn right to find a massive stone bridge that is broken at one end.

The only way to reach the bridge is to jump on the support beams and cross. Beware, as rolling boulders on this bridge will welcome you. Stand near the bridge and notice the pattern of the boulders before dashing across it to reach the next area, a small room leading to a corridor.

Defeat the Queen Rennala

Players can reach the next shard bearer or the legendary boss, Rennala, using the lift in this area. However, this area is guarded by a Carian Knight named Moongrum. Being a loyal servant to the Carian queen, this Knight is one of the most challenging fights in Elden Ring. After defeating the Knight, we recommend facing Queen Rennala to get the next shard in Elden Ring.

This area also unlocks two new paths, one to the left and one to the right. Taking the left path allows you to go through the hanging gardens and open the door leading to the roofs. The path to the right takes players to hidden collectibles which are otherwise inaccessible.

The rooftop of Raya Lucaria Academy

From the Debate Parlour, return to the courtyard and turn left to find a set of broken stairs. This path leads to the rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy, protected by Carian Sorcerers in Elden Ring, which offers massive rewards for exploration. However, players must open the door first, as explained in the previous section.

Once again, from the courtyard, go straight until you reach the end. Abductor Virgin and King Crabs await. Be vigilant against these enemies and turn left to find a narrow walkway leading to a few more collectibles.

These are all the paths players can follow after defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon. However, only one leads to the ultimate objective, defeating Queen Rennala. We strongly urge players to explore as much as they can, as Elden Ring is highly generous towards the curious.

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