Elden Ring Pulley Crossbow Location and Build

After finding the Pulley Crossbow in Mt. Gelmir region, players can get a decent build around the cross and we are here to tell you how.

Pulley Crossbow in Elden Ring is one of the many Crossbows you can get. Unlike other weapons, Pulley crossbow doesn’t scale with your attributes but you can upgrade the crossbow to make it stronger, Pulley Crossbow shoots three bolts at once, allowing you to hit harder. The bolts do spread a bit the further they travel, so you might also hit multiple enemies close together.  

This guide will help you find and use Pulley crossbow in Elden Ring.

Pulley Crossbow Location in Elden Ring

Pulley Crossbow is found in Mt. Gelmir region. As you go through Mt. Gelmir to get to the Volcano manor, players will come across the Craftman’s Shack Site of Grace. Near this site of grace, players can find the Pulley Crossbow. Getting Pulley crossbow is quite easy, but it’s a mid-game weapon, only available after players have reached Altus Plateau.

If players want to get to Mt. Gelmir early, players do have the option to play until they get Torrent and then bypass Stormveil Castle and use Ruin-Strewn Precipice Dungeon to get to Altus Plateau, and then continue to Mt. Gelmir.

Keep in mind that most of the enemies will one-hit kill you in the advance area so stay on your toes.

You need to have 16 Strength and 16 Dexterity to use Pulley Crossbow. The crossbow has no scaling with any of your attributes, so the damage stays constant without upgrading the crossbow.

The base damage on Pulley crossbow is 65, with a range of 42. It has 100 critical, and weighs 4.

Pulley Crossbow Build

Crossbows aren’t a popular choice of weapon in Elden Ring, but you can make excellent useable PvP and PvE builds with them. Let us look at the perfect build for using Pulley Crossbow, the Dual Crossbow Build.

Class: Any (Preferably vagabond)

Stats: Vigor and Endurance (Primary), Strength and Dexterity (Secondary)

Weapons: Pulley Crossbow, Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow

Armor: Any Medium Armor

Talisman: Blue Dancer Charm, Arrow’s Sting Talisman, Ritual Sword Talisman

Recommended Stats:

  • Vigor: 50
  • Mind: 15
  • Endurance: 39
  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 18
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Faith: 15
  • Arcane: 10

The build depends on ranged battles, and using status ailments to deal damage, while making sure that any melee-based build is kept at a distance.

The Pulley Crossbow and Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow both don’t scale with your attributes, so you only need enough strength and dexterity to wield them in the first place. The rest of your damage buff comes by upgrading them at the Weapon Smith.

Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow offers high single-shot damage, whereas Pulley Crossbow’s triple-shot ability allows players to cause status ailments on their enemies faster. Since you don’t deal the damage one would expect from melee weapons, and have no direct way to shield or defend yourself, you need to increase your total HP and stamina so you can survive hits and get away from attackers. This is why we recommend using medium armors, as they provide decent protection and don’t force you to slow roll.

Lastly, for the talisman, we went with Arrow’s Sting Talisman and Ritual Sword Talisman to increase your damage. You can stay afar and keep hitting your targets without taking damage and deal higher damage than expected. since you have only a few items on you, your weight will be pretty low overall and Blue Dancer’s Charm will further boost your damage.

Lastly, you need to bring bolts that deal status ailments. The best options are poison and bleed, but you can also use frost and fire bolts on your Pulley Crossbow to deal high damage.

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