Elden Ring Morning Star Location

The Elden Ring Morning Star Hammer can be found near the entrance to the Weeping Peninsula from the Limgrave region. Here's how to find it.

The Morning Star Hammer is one of those weapons that’s neither associated with a dungeon nor a boss in Elden Ring. So you can get it early in the game inside a chest in Weeping Peninsula. This weapon has some mighty sharp spikes which cause the enemy to bleed to death in a matter of seconds. One good thing about the hammer is its free usage without charging any FP.

All these factors make this a must-have item in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Morning Star in Elden Ring

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The Elden Ring Morning Star Hammer can be found near the entrance to the Weeping Peninsula from Limgrave. Just after crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, you will find an abandoned broken carriage. This will be on the road leading from the Bridge to the south of Weeping Peninsula towards Castle Morne.

To get to the carriage quickly you can also use the Site of Grace as well. It is in between the South of the Lookout Tower and the Impales Catacombs Sites of Grace. Alternatively, you can also use the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace. Once there just travel south on the road to get to the carriage. Inspect the carriage and you will find a chest inside that will reward you with the spikey Morning Star Hammer.

How to Use Morning Star in Elden Ring

By default, the skill associated with the Morning Star hammer is Kick. Using this skill, the hammer gains immense pushing power. It can break the stance of many foes in Elden Ring. Using the Kick skill does not cost any FP and is most effective against the large foes guarding a specific entrance or area.

There are multiple Talismans available to boost up any weapons performance in the game as well. You can improve its damage using the Starscourage Heirloom talisman. You can also pair the Dagger Talisman with this hammer. It will help in increasing the critical strike damage.

Additionally, the hammer has spikes at the end which result in damaging the enemy and causing hemorrhage. This blood loss has a decent build-up rate and can eat out the whole enemy HP in a couple of seconds. Furthermore, this hammer is able to be infused using Ashes of War.

Morning Star Stats

Critical10031 (Boost

This hammer scales primarily with strength and has a sale value of 100 Runes. It requires 8 dexterity and 12 strength to use this weapon. To upgrade this hammer, you must acquire Smithing Stones. It will max up to +25 with 289 physical damage.

Path (+25)Primary DamageAlternate Damage
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