How To Get Lionel Set In Elden Ring

The Lionel armor set can be easily obtained at the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in the Leyndell Royal Capital in Elden Ring.

Lionel’s Armor set is classed as heavy armor and when it comes to offering protection against attacks, it eats and leaves no crumbs. This armor is built like a tank and is perfect for all of your strength builds.

The armor is said to have been worn by Lionel the Lionhearted. He was a warrior who traveled across the Lands Between, taking on enemies. He was also the one who declared himself as the father of Fia – an NPC.

Since it is heavy armor, make sure you have high Endurance so you aren’t as slow as a snail. This armor is perfect for wielding bigger weapons such as greatswords, or colossal weapons.

Pretty much like every other armor in the game, Lionel’s Armor Set is also made up of four pieces; Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves. Let’s dive deep and find out how you can get your hands on this chonky armor.

Where to find the Lionel armor set in Elden Ring

Lionel’s Armor Set in Elden Ring is one of the armors that doesn’t require any grinding, but getting to the location of the armor might take a few extra steps. Lionel’s Armor can be easily obtained at the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in the Leyndell Royal Capital.

Lionel Set map location in Elden Ring

To get to the spot, there are two possibilities, first one is where you have already been to the Royal Capital, in that case, when you get to the cliff that comes after entering the capital and taking a lift to the top, there will be a room to you right with a different lift that will take you to the main road.

The case is where it is your first visit, that is why you will have to take the route to the left. That route is filled with multiple enemies with trumpets blowing out deadly bubbles. Proceed with caution and follow the indicated path to reach the main road.

Lionel armor set location in Elden Ring

You can run past most of the enemies you encounter on your way since none of them follow you, there won’t be much of a problem. Once you are on the main road, you will find yourself face-to-face with a mini-boss named Erdtree Avatar.

Taking down the boss is rather easy and once you are done, take a right, and from there it’s a short journey towards the Lower Captial Church site of grace. Inside, toward the left, you will find a corpse on the bed. Move closer and you will find the complete Lionel’s Armor Set.

How to defeat the Erdtree Avatar boss

You will face a mini-boss on your way to obtain Lionel’s Armor. There is a simple way to cheese this mini-boss. All you have to do is lure this boss towards the entrance of the corridor exactly to the right of where the boss first spawns.

It is larger than the gate so it cannot follow you inside but it will stay at the door trying to attack you. Standing at the other side of the corridor, on the stairs, you can launch as many attacks as you want, without having to worry about any of the boss’s attacks reaching you.

The Erdtree Avatar is weak against fire and physical attacks so if you have any fire spells or incantations, it will take even less time to take it down. If the boss moves away from the door, all you have to do is take a few steps outside and attack it again to lure it.

Lionel Set stats

Lionel’s Amor is on the heavier side of things with a hefty weight of (50.5). Because it is a heavy armor, the protection it provides is on par with some of the best armor in the game.

The Lionel’s Set provides you with a Physical Damage Negation of (33.5) along with Strike (31.5), Slash (36.5), and Pierce (37.2). All of these are quite literally proof that nothing is going through the armor so you might as well go ham and just take the enemy head-on.

Physical Damage isn’t the only thing the armor negates it also offers a ton of protection against Magic (26.5), Fire (28.9), Light (25.6), and Holy (26.5). Finally, moving on towards the Resistance, all you see are numbers high enough to put many armors to shame.

If we had to pick a star attribute, then it would be Poise (86) because Lionel’s Armor Set will not let you stagger, no matter how hard the enemies might hit. Every other stat is nothing short of extraordinary; Immunity (150), Robustness (235), Focus (100), and Vitality (100).

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