How To Get Lhutel The Headless Summon Spirit In Elden Ring

Lhutel, the Headless summon spirit is one of the legendary spirit ashes in Elden Ring, giving you top-notch defense and a handy attack skill.

Spirit Summons are quite impactful in the battles of Elden Ring, and Lhutel The Headless is no exception. Lhutel the Headless is a summon of the Legendary Ashes remains, a decapacitated and unmounted spirit of a Mausoleum Knight that wields a Lance and a Sword.

This headless summon of the Spirit Ashes is often used by most players in Elden Ring, but considering that this is a Legendary summon, is it actually a good one?

Before we move on to that and the rest of the info on Luthel though, we must first learn where to find Lhutel the Headless summon in Elden Ring.

Where to find Lhutel the Headless Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring?

With The Lands Between stretching over such a vast distance, it can become nearly impossible to find Lhutel the Headless Summons’ location in Elden Ring.

To get the legendary Spirit Summon Lhutel the Headless, you must defeat the Cemetery Shade located in the Tombsward Catacombs of the Weeping Peninsula region and obtain the Lhutel Spirit Ash

Tombsward Catacombs location and walkthrough

You must first make your way to the Tombsward Catacombs in Weeping Peninsula. This location is next to the Minor Erdtree, which you can reach by traveling south from the Church of Pilgrimage Site of Grace.

This is a dangerous dungeon hidden under some broken-down archways, but you’ll find a site of grace right away, so activate it, prepare for a big fight, and move ahead.

Continue down the stairs and take the first left. There will be another staircase there, which you can descend from and then take a right. Walk a little farther ahead, staying to the right, but you need to be cautious of the skeleton enemies in this area.

You’ll find another staircase here and three passages ahead of you; ignore them and take the passage on the left. Continue straight and then take another left for the Lhutel the Headless Summon in Elden Ring.

By this point, you’ll be in a flame-engulfed corridor. Wait a few seconds for the fire to go out. Then dash down the passage and into the alcove on the right. When the flames stop, seize the opportunity to run down the rest of the passage.

As you proceed, you will encounter the source of the fire. Hit it with your weapon, and the source will be lowered. Hop over it and make your way to the platform above.

Keep to your left and proceed ahead. After that, take the first left that you see. Continue straight down the passageway until you reach a robed skeletal statue that has a lever mounted on it.

Pull the lever and jump down from the platform. A staircase will be visible ahead of you, which you need to take to the reach top. Here, you will find two different passageways; but you need to take the one on the left. It will lead to another single passageway; proceed past it.

Afterward, you’ll see a gate to the right. Enter it and take the stairs down. You’ll see a yellow barrier in front of you. Get past it, and you’ll find yourself in a room with the Cemetery Shade waiting for you.

How to defeat the Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring

After all that traversing through the Tombsward Catacombs, you will finally find yourself facing the boss – The Cemetery Shade.

Defeating the Cemetery Shade isn’t that difficult in Elden Ring, as all you need is a simple strategy against it. Simply use the general fighting mechanics, and you’ll be victorious by the end of the fight.

For the major part, you just have to avoid its direct attacks and parry/counter to put an end to this fight. Be wary of its high-damage bleeding slashes though because they can shred your HP fairly quickly. You can use different Summons like the Lone Wolves Ashes to make the fight even simpler.

If you don’t have the Lone Wolves Ashes, you can use any spirit summon that can aggro to get the job done.

You will receive the Lhutel The Headless Summon Spirit as a reward for defeating Cemetery Shade. You can now go to the Spirit Tuner at the Roundtable Hold and upgrade this spirit to improve its performance further.

That’s it on how to get the Luthel the Headless Summon Spirit Ash – now, let’s now look at a general overview of it.

How to summon and use Lhutel the Headless Summon

You can use the brand new Legendary Spirit Ash that you just obtained to summon the headless knight in Elden Ring. This is a powerful summon that employs Lhutel, a decapacitated Mausoleum Knight that wields a magic lance and a shield to protect her.

Lhutel has generally good defensive and offensive stats, tanking a lot of damage and putting in a lot of it in turn. Apart from the heavy armor she has to absorb damage, she also has teleportation abilities that allow her to move away from hordes of enemies.

This grants her superior mobility, which she can in turn use with her lance to deal massive damage to her enemies, inflicting enemies with Death build-up.

Although many enemies in Elden Ring are immune to Death Blight, this headless knight can still be quite useful against bosses just because of her sheer strength and superior combat skill.

The only downside with this summon is that it requires 104 Focus Points and a minimum Mind attribute of 21 to be cast, which is a lot.

You will most often struggle a lot with coughing up that much FP in a fight unless you have the right build focusing on Mind levels.

You can, however, make this Spirit Ash more efficient by upgrading it with Ghost Glovewort at the Roundtable Hold.

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