How To Get Kukri Daggers In Elden Ring

Kukri Daggers are quite useful in Elden Ring especially for Bleed builds and you can purchase them easily for 60 runes from Nomadic Merchant.

Kukri in Elden Ring is one of the many consumable items you can find around that scales with Strength and Dexterity. This is a perfect fit for all stealthy builds as this is amazing to deal damage to enemies from a distance. While doing a decent amount (based on your stats) of damage, it weakens the enemy, making the combat easier especially if you are running bleed builds in Elden Ring.

Struggling with how to find Kukri Dagger in Elden Ring? This guide has all the information you need regarding the Kukri Dagger.

Where Can You Get Kukri Daggers in Elden Ring?

Kukri in Elden Ring is fortunately not a very hard item to find. There are almost five places, where you can find it. At some of these places, you can pick Kukri straight away, others first require you to gather some resources and then you can craft Kukri. Here are some of the ways to get Kukri daggers in Elden Ring:

  • Travel to Liurnia the Lake. There find Glinstone Dragon Smarag and behind it, you” ll find a corpse. Loot it, and you can collect 6 Kukri.
  • Travel east from Weeping Peninsula. Reaching here, you can purchase Kukri from Nomadic Merchant in Weeping Peninsula. Each Kukri costs 60 Runes. This is probably the best source you are going to have for Kukri Daggers as you can have infinite Kukri Daggers from this merchant.
  • Another location you can find Kukri is Stromveil Castle. Here, climb to the roof of Commoner there who sell Grace mimic. There you will find a Kukri dagger.
  • Travel northeast from the Church of Elleh, there you will find a Kukri dagger next to the fire.
  • You can also collect Kukri Daggers, by defeating Vulgar Militiamen You can find this ugly enemy at Miner’s Cave.

How to Use Kukri Dagger in Elden Ring

After collecting Kukri, to use this you first need to go through some settings. Here are some of the steps you need to follow:

  • Click on Equipment.
  • Tap on Quick Items.
  • Go to Quick Item Slot.
  • Choose Kukri.
  • Return to the game, and keep tapping down on D-pad till you are holding a Kukri.

Kukri Dagger, in Elden Ring, can be used to deal damage to enemies from a safe distance making them bleed. At a time, you can hold up to 30 Kukri. Therefore, it is a perfect replacement for bows. With this, you can deal damage to enemies, simply by throwing these Daggers on them. These daggers, when hit the enemy, make them bleed.

Therefore, keep attacking with these Kukri Daggers, and eventually Hemorrhage of blood loss will happen to these enemies knocking them down.