How To Get Goldmask’s Set In Elden Ring

The Goldmask’s set is less of an armor set and more of an attire as it barely covers the player’s body in Elden Ring.

Golsmask’s Set is an armor set in Elden Ring that was once worn by Lord Goldmask who was an avid believer of the Golden Order.

The Goldmask’s set is less of an armor set and more of an attire as it barely covers the player’s body. It has rags instead of chest armor hence it is extremely lightweight. The only noticeable item in this armor set is the Radiant Gold Mask, a helm that looks like a blazing golden sun.

Even though the Goldmask’s set hardly passes as an armor set, it still does well in terms of Damage Negation if we talk about the elemental damage. As for the Physical Damage and melee attacks, this set is not the best one.

This set is somewhat compatible with Faith builds but it is advised to acquire this set only for the sake of collecting every item in the game. This one-of-a-kind set can be a great addition to your inventory due to its cosmetic appeal and uniqueness. So let us look for the location of the Goldmask’s Set.

Where to find the Goldmask’s armor set in Elden Ring  

The Goldmask’s Set is completed by four items; three of which are found in the same location.

This set contains a helm known as the Radiant Gold Mask which is undoubtedly the most prominent item of this set. This helm is found in Altus Plateau.

The other three items include the Goldmask’s Rags, the Gold Waistwrap, and the Gold Bracelets which can be obtained from a corpse in Leyndell, Ashen Capital.

Radiant Gold Mask location

The Radiant Gold Mask can be found at the beginning of Brother Corhyn’s quest when you visit Altus Plateau. Before going to Altus Plateau, you need to make sure that you have unlocked the Grand Lift of Dectus through its medallion.

In Altus Plateau, go to the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace and continue southwest till you see a lower ground at the location marked on the map below.

Gold Mask map location in Elden Ring

You need to drop down from here to acquire the Radiant Gold Mask but be careful as the mask is present on a ledge. Keep an eye out for the ledge as it can be easily missed while dropping down.

Goldmask’s Rags, Bracelets, and Waistwrap location

The remaining three set pieces for the Goldmask’s Set require you to complete Brother Corhyn’s quest in Leyndell, Ashen Capital. These three items are looted from the corpse of Goldmask, a quest NPC.

Go to the Capital of Ash Site of Grace and continue down the cliffs till you see the Colosseum there. Go past it and you will see Goldmask here at the exact location marked on the map below. Be careful as many dangerous plants are present in this region.

Goldmask Rags, Bracelets, Waistwrap map location in Elden Ring

You cannot acquire these 3 items as soon as you see Goldmask. You need to reset the area by traveling away and then coming back here again. When you come back, you will see these three items on Goldmask’s body and then you can loot them.

Goldmask’s Set stats

Being a lightweight armor, the Goldmask’s Set weighs 9.8 units only. This armor set effectively negates Magic and Light damage with a 24.5 stat each. It also has 23.8 Fire and 26.1 Holy stats in terms of Damage Negation.

As evident from its weight and appearance, the Goldmask’s Set poorly negates Physical damage with an 11 value only. It also has an 8.9 stat against Strike and Slash attacks but performs poorly in terms of Pierce attacks with a value of 5 only.

If we take a look at the Resistance stats, it has a Focus and Vitality of 169 each, Immunity of 108, Robustness of 39, and Poise of 16.  

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