Where to Find Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you come across a lot of swords, and one of these swords is the Golden Epitaph. This guide will tell you complete details about that sword and how you can get Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

You can go and loot this weapon from a corpse in Auriza Hero’s Grave. Finding this location is pretty easy. You simply need to go to the location shown on the map below.

golden epitaph location

Once there, you will need to enter the building right in front of you. Inside that, you will see a circular platform. Stand on the switch in the center of the platform, and it will take you all the way to the bottom.

Once at the bottom, move a little forward, and you will reach the Auriza Hero’s Grave.

The room that contains the Golden Epitaph is blocked by a fog barrier that requires Stonesword keys to open.

Stonesword Key can be found or purchased from many locations in the game quite easily. Once you have the keys, use them on the Imp Statue next to the door, and the barrier blocking the door will dispel.

Just enter the room, and you will get the Golden Epitaph.

Why Should you use Golden Epitaph?

Golden Epitaph is a straight sword that you can scale with Faith, Dexterity, and Strength. When this weapon is wielded with high Faith, you can use it for dealing the Holy Damage to the enemies.

You cannot infuse this weapon with any Ash of War in Elden Ring. Additionally, magic and other consumable items can’t enchant or boost this weapon.

Golden Epitaph comes with a skill that grants the effect of the sacred order to you and allies in the vicinity.

To make this weapon even deadlier, you can upgrade it using Somber Smithing Stones. In case you don’t need that weapon, you can also sell it for 500 Runes to the merchant.

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