How To Get Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

A golden sword crafted by the gods to commemorate the death of one of their own, Golden Epitaph is a...

A golden sword crafted by the gods to commemorate the death of one of their own, Golden Epitaph is a Holy weapon that only the Faithful can wield. This weapon belongs to the straight sword categories in Elden Ring and can be obtained as a reward, making it a rare one.

Golden Epitaph is among the weapons that are easier to find. However, this weapon only becomes available halfway through the main storyline and an additional requirement makes it a headache to acquire. Follow the guide below to obtain this godly weapon with ease.

Where to Find Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

You can go and loot this weapon from a corpse in Auriza Hero’s Grave in the eastern part of the Atlas Plateau. Finding this location is pretty easy. You simply need to go to the location shown on the map below.

golden epitaph location

Once there, you will need to enter the building right in front of you. Inside that, you will see a circular platform. Stand on the switch in the center of the platform, and it will take you all the way to the bottom.

Once at the bottom, move a little forward, and you will reach the Auriza Hero’s Grave.

The room that contains the Golden Epitaph is blocked by a fog barrier that requires Stonesword keys to open.

Stonesword Key can be found or purchased from many locations in the game quite easily. Once you have the keys, use them on the Imp Statue next to the door, and the barrier blocking the door will dispel.

Just enter the room, and you will get the Golden Epitaph.

Golden Epitaph Stats and Requirements in Elden Ring

As a sword imbued with the prayers of gods and their miracles, Golden Epitaph requires 14 points in Faith stat, 12 points in Strength stat and 10 points in Dexterity stat for the players to wield this holy weapon. Golden Epitaph scales with Faith (D scaling), Strength (D scaling) and Dexterity (D scaling). Despite being a seriously powerful weapon, Golden Epitaph only weighs 3.5 making it ideal for faith-based builds.

Stat Name Attack Guard
Physical 85 25
magical 0 15
Fire 0 15
Light 0 15
Holy 85 40
Critical/Boost 100 30

Being a special weapon, Golden Epitaph can only be upgraded with the help of Somber Smithing Stones to a maximum of +10. At the maximum level, Golden Epitaph does 208 Physical Damage and the same amount of Holy Damage, making it extremely devastating. Only Faith Scaling improves from D to C when this straight sword is fully upgraded.

Golden Epitaph Unique Skills and Builds in Elden Ring

The unique skill associated with Golden Epitaph is called Last Rites. This skill costs 25 FP and buffs players and their allies with Holy for the next 60 seconds. It increases Holy damage by 25 and adds an additional 10% damage to all weapons (regardless of their type and skills). Hitting skeletons while using Last Rites, with any weapon, will kill them permanently.

The Golden Epitaph can’t be infused with any Ash of War and no buffs in form of grease or other consumables can be applied to it. This weapon can be sold for 500 runes to any merchant.

The Golden Epitaph can be used to create Faith-based builds around it. Due to its heavy reliance on Holy damage and a unique skill that further amplifies Holy magic, Golden Epitaph should be a go-to weapon for most sorcerers.

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