How To Get Gilded Iron Shield In Elden Ring

The Gilded Iron Shield in Elden Ring is a low-weight and smaller shield that is best for parrying and scales with strength.

The Gilded Iron Shield in Elden Ring is a low-weight and smaller shield that is best for parrying. This Shield scales with strength. However, the shield offers little defense with only 78 Physical Guard. But because it is lightweight, it can perfectly go with almost any setup.

If you are looking for a shield to parry, you are at the right place, as we will help you find this small shield in Elden Ring.

Gilded Iron Shield location in Elden Ring

You need to travel toward the Church of Pilgrimage to find this shield. The location where you can find the Gilded Iron Shield is marked on the map below. You will find Gilded Iron Shield on a dead body just outside the church.

The church is just north of the Minor Erdtree of Weeping Peninsula. Players can start from the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace to get to the church and head directly west along the shore. The first cliff you encounter has the Church of Pilgrimage on it.

There is the Church of Pilgrimage Site of Grace, so you can direct travel to this Site of Grace if you have already unlocked it. You will find the Shield on a corpse just outside the church.

What does the Gilded Iron Shield do in Elden Ring

Gilded Iron Shield comes with the Parry Skill equipped by default. You can parry all attacks with this shield. Infusing the Gilded Iron Shield with any Ashes of War is possible. However, it’s not something we recommend as the shield is small and weak and doesn’t offer much with other Ashes of War.

You can buff Gilded Iron Shield in Elden Ring with Magic, other spells, and all the game’s consumables. If you don’t want it, you can sell it to Vendor to get 100 Runes.

Physical – 74Physical – 78
Magic – 0Magic – 40
Fire – 0Fire – 38
Lighting – 0Lighting – 17
Holy – 0Holy – 51
Critical – 100Boost – 41

The Shield has a Strength scaling of E, and you need at least 8 Strength to wield the shield properly. The Shield weighs 3, making it one of the lightest shields in Elden Ring.

Although the Gilded Iron Shield provides weak defense against other attack types, the shield boosts the highest Holy Damage Defense in the game, a whopping 51.

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