How To Get Erdtree Greatshield In Elden Ring

The Erdtree Greatshield in Elden Ring is the best shield from the Greatshields category that increases your defense significantly.

The Erdtree Greatshield in Elden Ring is the best shield from the Greatshields category for protection. Its defense is almost unpenetrable as it provides 100% protection from Physical Damages. Erdtree Greatshield has Golden Retaliation skill by default, allowing you to redirect attacks from enemies like the Tree Sentinel.

It’s heavy and restricts your mobility, but getting your hands on it will strengthen your defense. Our guide will tell you exactly how to get the Erdtree Greatshield in Elden Ring.

Erdtree Greatshield location in Elden Ring

To get the Erdtree Greatshield, travel to the Leyndell, Royal Capital in Altus Plateau. You have to arrive at the west of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree.

Getting your hands on this shield requires you to defeat the Duo of Tree Sentinel Bosses, which guard the city gate. You can fight and defeat them head on, but if you want to do it quickly, approach them from the eastern side and kill them individually, as they will not notice you from behind.

After you defeat them, one of the Tree Sentinel will drop the Erdtree Greatshield, which you can pick and equip.

What does the Erdtree Greatshield do in Elden Ring

This Greatshield has two specialties. The first is that it gives you 100% protection from any physical attack, which makes it superior to any shield in the game. The second is that it has Golden Retaliation Skill by default. The Golden Retaliation Skill is a rare parameter of this shield, as this skill is held only by the Tree Sentinels.

The Golden Retaliation skill on the Erdtree Greatshield will turn the enemy magical spells into holy power with a golden burst after you parry the spell. You should have good timing to use this skill effectively.

You must have 12 Faith and 30 Strength to equip the Erdtree Greatshield in Elden Ring. This shield is pretty heavy and reduces your movement speed, so keep that in mind.

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