How To Get Dragonclaw Incantation In Elden Ring

There are two locations in Elden Ring from where you can purchase the Dragonclaw incantation at the cost of a single Dragon Heart.

Dragonclaw is one of the Dragon Communion Incantations in Elden Ring that can create a giant claw to either tear through groups of enemies or focus on individual enemies.

Due to Dragonclaw’s heavy damage output, you can easily outnumber any enemy in terms of damage. You can also have a decent defense due to its Hyper Armor.

When the spell sequence is finished, you will get a chance to deal with a counterattack within the same turn. In between casting, you can easily switch the Dragonclaw between the dominant hand which allows for more diversity in attacks in Elden Ring.

If you are still interesting in getting the Dragonclaw spell, here is where and how you get it in the game.

Where to find Dragonclaw location in Elden Ring

There are two locations in Elden Ring from where you can purchase the Dragonclaw spell. Similar to the other Dragon Communion Incantations, you can only purchase Dragonclaw with a Dragon Heart.

Church of Dragon Communion

The Church of Dragon Communion is the first location where you can get Dragonclaw in Elden Ring. To get there, you need to head to the Limgrave region.

From the starting point of Elden Ring, you need to travel Southwest and upon passing the cliffs, you will come across an island.

You need to head towards the same island, and this is where you will find the Church of Dragon Communion. Once there, you can purchase Dragonclaw for 1 Dragon Heart.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion

The second place where you will be able to purchase the Dragonclaw is the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is located in the Caelid region and can be reached by traveling South from the starting point. Upon further traveling south, you will reach Caelid Highway South of Grace.

Soon after that, you will reach the Cathedral of Dragon Communion where you will be able to buy a Dragonclaw for 1 Dragon Heart.

How to use Dragonclaw incantation in Elden Ring

There are several advantages of having the Dragonclaw spell in Elden Ring. In addition to its offense, the incantation also buffs you to stagger enemies. That is alongside boosting your defense stats.

Stagger big bosses by charging Dragonclaw

Due to Dragonclaw buffing abilities, you can effectively stagger any enemies that you will come across. Dragonclaw is a must-have if you are making a Faith Build as it will both deal damage as well as break the stance of the enemies.

Once casted, the area of effect of Dragonclaw will completely knock out any small enemy in a pinch. As for the bigger enemies, you need to charge the Dragonclaw beforehand, and it will completely break their stance. Meanwhile, at the same time, decreasing their damage output.

Hyper Armor to boost defense

While using Dragonclaw, you can get away by wearing light armor and still tank all the damage from the enemies. This is due to the Apex Armor features being enabled at the peak of the casting animation.

You can not only punish enemies by heavy-hitting attacks of Dragonclaw but also surprise them with the hyper armor when attacking close range.

Break the strongest armor

In Elden Ring, wearing armor like Veteran Armor will grant the players meta-poise stats. Meanwhile, Dragonclaw allows you to break even the strongest poise stats and deal damage. At the same time, you can still have good defense thanks to Hyper Armor.

Boost damage with Dragon Communion Seal

The base damage output of Dragonclaw is enough to knock out even the strongest of enemies. That said, you can increase it further with the help of the Dragon Communion Seal. Most of the time, players use Dragonclaw as their passive seal therefore this upgrade might not be needed.

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