Elden Ring Intelligence/Faith Build Guide

We’ve prepared this detailed guide, where we’ll be going over the best Int/Faith build in Elden Ring and telling you how it works.

An Intelligence and Faith build in Elden Ring allows you to cast both normal spells and Incantations, making you an unstoppable mage that draws on two very different yet equally as strong magic pools. This build is perfect for players wanting to maximize the magic available to them.

In this guide, we’ll outline the strongest Intelligence and Faith build in Elden Ring. We’ll go over the base stats, level progression, the best weapons, armor, spells, Talismans, and much more.

Best Starting Equipment for Intelligence/Faith Build

Carian Knight SetFound in Raya Lucaria Academy near the
Meteorite StaffFound within Aeonia Swamp
Short SpearPurchased from the Twin Maiden Husks
Golden SeedStarting gift
Glinstone Pebble (Spell)Default starting spell
Catch Flame (Incantation)Purchased from Brother Corhyn

Astrologer Int/Faith Build

Astrologer Int/Faith build stats in Elden Ring
  • Class: Astrologer
  • Flask Spread: 3 to 1 ratio, FP to HP
  • Weapons:Gelmir Glintstone Staff, Golden Order Seal, Sword of Night & Flame, and Sacred Relic Sword
  • Armor:Snow Witch Set and Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set.
  • Stats: Intelligence, Faith and Mind (Primary) Vigor and Dexterity (Secondary)
  • Skills: Spinning Staff (Ash of War), Determination (Ash of War), Spirit Jellyfish (Summon), and Mimic Tear (Summon)
  • Spells: Glintstone Arc, Whirl O Flame, Flame Fall Upon Them, Wrath of Gold, and Roiling Magma
  • Incantations: Black Blade, Bloodflame Build, Lord’s Heal and Catch Flame.
  • Talisman: Cerulean Amber Medallion, Flock’s Canvas Talisman, Graven-School Talisman, and Radagon Icon.

Intelligence/Faith Build Stats Level 10 in Elden Ring

Intelligence/Faith Build Stats at level 10

Int/Faith Build Stats Level 60

Int/Faith Build Stats at Level 60

Intelligence/Faith Build Stats Level 90

Int/Faith build stats at level 90

Best Weapons for Int/Faith Build in Elden Ring

You need both a Staff and a Holy Seal to cast incantations and sorceries. So, you’ll need to remember which spell is of which type to be able to cast them from the right item.

You won’t be slinging spells all day though; a sword is required to play this build properly. We’ll be aiming for the mighty Sword of Night and Flame or Sacred Relic Sword.

Combo-ing sword attacks with invocations will be quite challenging, but if you remember to memorize the right order of your spells, you’ll get the hang of it. The melee weapons we’re using for this build scale with both Intelligence and Faith make them the perfect choice.

Don’t forget to also use the powerful skills of weapons like the Sword of Night and Flame or Sacred Relic Sword to round out your offense when spells aren’t doing it.

The Golden Order Seal works perfectly for this build as its incantation scaling also uses both Intelligence and Faith, while the Gelmir Glintstone staff works in much the same way for Spells.

Best Bows for Int/Faith Build in Elden Ring

While an Intelligence/Faith build in Elden Ring will have all your ranged needs covered, it’s always a good idea to have a bow on hand (in addition to a sword) to dispel smaller groups of enemies so you can save your FP for more challenging battles. It is important to know that bows, for the most part, won’t deal as much damage as spells and incantations, the following bows scale with Intelligence and offer moderate damage:

  • Horn Bow
  • Loretta’s Great Bow

Best Shield for Int/Faith Build

For an Intelligence/Faith build, you can go two routes. You can either equip light shields that do not have a lot of damage negation or you can equip Greatshields that do. For the latter, you’ll need to invest more points into strength as all shields in Elden Ring have a strength requirement. This may take away from the potency of your incantations and spells.

  • Carian Knight Shield (scales with intelligence)
  • Haligtree Crest Greatshield
  • Brass Shield

Best Sacred Seal for Intelligence/Faith Build

Sacred Seals further enhance your character’s Incantation abilties by offering you various buffs. These are the best Sacred Seals to use with an Intelligence/Faith build in Elden Ring

  • Golden Order Seal: This seal scales with both Intelligence and Faith and buffs the Golden Order Incantations like Discus of Light and Triple Rings of Light.
  • Godslayer Seal: The Godslayer seal scales with Faith and Strength and enhances Godslayer Incantations like Black Flame and Black Flame Ritual.
  • Frenzied Flame Seal: This Seal scales with both Dexterity and Intelligence along with strength. It enhances frenzies flame weapons and incantations.

Best Armor for Int/Faith Build in Elden Ring

For an Intelligence and Faith build, your armor must be lightweight as you’ll be engaged in combat from a distance.

The Snow Witch Set is a powerful Intelligence scaling armor that uses both cold and moon sorcery to make effective buffs and give a great deal of damage. This is indeed an ideal armor for Int/Faith Build. Additionally, you can also use the Raya Lucarian Armor Set which also scales with Intelligence.

StatsSnow Witch SetRaya Lucarian Set
Best armor sets for Int/Faith build

Best Spells and Incantations for Int/Faith Build

When it comes to the spells, both the Glintstone Arc will remain highly effective throughout your playthrough with this build.

The Whirl O Flame spell will help you instantly take out weaker enemies, while Flame Fall Upon Them will allow you to clear out large groups of enemies. With Roiling Magma, you’ll be able to blow up enemies that aren’t yet aware of you, making it the perfect opener spell.

Wrath of Gold is the second strongest spell in this build after Glintstone Arc. It will deal good damage, but it’ll also knock enemies to the ground, allowing you to get further damage on them for free.

As far as Incantations are concerned the starting Incantation, Glinstone Pebble, like the Glinstone Arc will remain highly effective throughout your playthrough. Incantations like Black Blade and Bloodflame Blade, while hard to get are highly effective against larger foes and bosses. Lord’s Heal is an excellent alternative to HP flasks if you want to run a few FP flasks, while Catch Flame can be good at dispelling smaller crowds of enemies.

Best Skills for Int/Faith Build in Elden Ring

The Spinning Staff Ash of War allows you to pull off a defensive maneuver with your staff, saving you from hordes of enemies should you become overwhelmed. Determination on the other hand boosts all your stats by 60% for ten seconds when you’re casting spells, making it a perfect complement to this build.

As far as summons are concerned, Spirit Jellyfish is an excellent one to keep on hand, not only does it cause poison damage build-up, but also has a very large health pool and can distract bosses for you, allowing you to get a good few hits in. The Jellyfish can last you for pretty much your entire playthrough. Another great option is the Mimic Tear which is essentially a spirit version of your character that works similarly to you.

The build utilizes two major stats that have directions of their own, and you also need Strength and Dexterity to be able to use weapons. Then you also need lots of Mind and Endurance, and Vigor is a must. Meaning that the build is high level and you will be putting in a lot of runes in this build.

Best Talisman for Intelligence/Faith Build

All of the Talisman we’ve chosen for the build enhance and buff your spell/incantation casting in various ways. You can unlock a total of four Talisman slots, so make sure you equip a Talisman in each slot to maximize the potential of your build.

  1. Cerulean Amber Medallion: Raises maximum FP
  2. Flock’s Canvas Talisman: Increases the effectiveness of Incantations by 8%
  3. Graven-School Talisman: Increases the effectiveness of sorceries by 4%
  4. Radagon Icon: Reduces the casting time of spells