How To Get Dragonclaw Shield In Elden Ring

Dragonclaw shield is one of the Greatshields in Elden Ring that has some spectacular stats and can be relied on in times of trouble.

Dragonclaw shield is one of the Greatshields in Elden Ring that has some spectacular stats and can be relied on in times of trouble. Being a Greatshield, it will weigh more than usual, even reducing your mobility and use more stamina than usual.

But once you get the hang of it, your build will become a tank. This shield is imbued with lightning and will also increase your lightning attack. This guide contains all the information you need on the Dragonclaw Shield.

Dragonclaw Shield location in Elden Ring

The Dragonclaw Shield is in the Capital Outskirts. Acquiring this shield will require combat with the Draconic Tree Sentinel. The Draconic Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring is a knight-type enemy which is ruthless in its attacks.

The location of this knight is north of the Capital Rampart site of Grace. You can get there quickly using the site of the grace in the Outer Wall battleground. From there, travel east through a battlefield. After crossing this battlefield, travel up a flight of stairs and through the Graveyard, crawling with skeletons.

Once you’re through, you will be out in an open field with three Golems that will try to kill you on sight. You can easily dodge these golems on horseback. They will consume a lot of time and effort, so keeping them saved for the Sentinel is better.

The Dragonclaw shield will be used against you first, along with the Dragon Greatclaw by the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Defeat him to pick up these items for yourself.

What does the Dragonclaw Shield do in Elden Ring

The Dragonclaw shield has the base purpose of saving you from enemy attacks. Alongside this ability, it also increases physical and lightning Damage. It grants 100 physical damage negation, 52 Magical Guard, 52 Fire Guard, 76 Lightning Guard, 47 Holy Guard, and 59 Guard Boost.

This Shield requires at least 28 Strengths and 12 Dexterity to wield it in Elden Ring. Dragonclaw shield is a special item, meaning it can only be upgraded to +10. At a base level, this Shield gives you the aforementioned damage negations and 118 physical attacks, 76 Lightning attacks, and 100 Attack Crit boosts.

The Dragonclaw Shield gets a boost in different damage types at max level. You will get 227 physical damage, 147 Lightning Damage, and 148 Crit Boost, while the damage negations remain the same. Moreover, it will deal extra damage when you use it against Dragon and Ancient Dragon-type enemies.

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