Where to Find Dismounter Curved Greatsword in Elden Ring

This guide will help you find the Dismounter Curved Greatsword in Elden Ring tell you the requirements to use it.

A weapon of choice for Kaiden Knights and Northern Mercenaries, Dismounter is a massive, curved sword that belongs to the Greatswords category in Elden Ring. As an early game weapon with impressive stats, Dismounter Curved Greatsword is a weapon of choice for the newcomers and a lot of veterans alike.

Due to its open world nature and no in-game guides available whatsoever, finding a particular item becomes a daunting task in Elden Ring.  In this guide, we will help you find Dismounter Curved Greatsword with ease and discus its stats in details.

How to Get Dismounter Curved Greatsword in Elden Ring

Dismounter Curved Greatsword can’t be obtained as a reward from completing a particular task or by looting treasure chests. The only way to obtain this greatsword in Elden Ring is by farming a particular enemy (or enemies) known as Northern Mercenaries.

dismounter curved greatsword location

Northern Mercenaries are available all over Limgrave and are dressed like Mongolian soldiers. These enemies usually travel in groups and there are a lot of them waiting to ambush players on their way to Stormveil Castle. Due to the low drop rate of Dismounter Curved Greatsword (4%), we don’t recommend farming Northern Mercenaries randomly.

Instead, go to the Stormfoot Catacombs site of grace near a beach. You will find a single Northern Mercenary there near a bonfire. Farm him to your heart’s content as he seems to have the highest drop rate for this Greatsword. Use Silver Pickled Fowl Foot and add some points to your discovery stat to increase the chances for the lone mercenary to drop Dismounter Curved Greatsword.

Dismounter Curved Greatsword Stats and Requirements, Is it any Good?

Dismounter is a strength-based weapon that requires 19 points in Strength stat and 16 points in Dexterity stat to be wielded properly by players. It also scales with Strength (D scaling) and Dexterity (D scaling). Dismounter weighs a lot for an early game weapon, around 10.0, making it a difficult choice for players not keen on investing in increasing equipment load.

Stat Name Attack Defense
Physical 138 65
Magical 0 35
Fire 0 35
Light 0 35
Holy 0 35
Critical/Boost 100 42

Dismounter Curved Greatsword can only be upgraded with the help of Smithing Stones at the blacksmith up to level 25.

Upgrade Affinity (+25) Primary Damage Secondary Damage Passive Damage
Standard 338 0
Heavy 310 0
Keen 310 0
Quality 270 0
Magic 257 257
Fire 224 224
Flame Art 257 257
Lightning 224 224
Sacred 257 257
Poison 283 0 117 Poison
Blood 283 0 102 Blood Loss
Cold 237 190 127 Frost
Occult 297 0

Dismounter Curved Greatsword Unique Skill and Builds

The special weapon skill for the Dismounter Curved Greatsword is called Spinning Slash (12 FP). This ability allows the players to rotate and hit the enemies with their sword causing slash damage.

Dismounter Curved Greatsword can be infused with Ashes of War and greases to make it even more devastating. This fundamentally changes how the unique skill of the sword works by giving it some additional elemental power.

Sale price of this greatsword is 100 runes (base value). Dismounter Curved Greatsword is an ideal weapon for Dex-based builds in the early game. However, we don’t recommend carrying it all the way to endgame due to its damage output limitations.

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