How To Defeat Decaying Ekzykes in Elden Ring

Optional bosses are a nice way to test your skills and gain additional loot in Elden Ring. In this guide, we will be discussing everything there is to know about how to defeat Decaying Ekzykes in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Decaying Ekzykes Location

Decaying Ekzykes can be found while traveling south along the Caelid, guarding the highway just north of Dragon Communion Cathedral. It’s hard to miss if you are just following the main road.

As we said it is an optional boss, so you don’t necessarily need to defeat this boss to advance in Elden Ring.

Decaying Ekzykes Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Defeating Decaying Ekzykes is not that difficult. However, we still recommend you to be at level 70 or above.

The dragons in Elden Ring are generally weak to physical attacks. Decaying Ekzykes is particularly weak to Fire as well. So it is recommended to have weapons that do the most physical damage. Also, you are going to need fire spells and incantations such as Black Flame etc

Decaying Ekzykes Attacks and Counters

Decaying Ekzykes can be tricky to defeat if you are in going blind. However, if you learn and pay attention to the attack patterns, they are not that hard to identify, and once you do, the rest comes easy.

The attacks from Decaying Ekzykes cannot be parried. So you have to be more careful when dealing with him.

To correctly formulate a strategy to defeat this dragon, first understand the attack types.


Decaying Ekzykes likes to stomp on the ground, crushing anything beneath its feet, so it’s best to stay clear of that area. To avoid it, it’s best to stay clear of that area. You will get ample time to make your move.

Tail Swipe

One of Decaying Ekzykes’ attacks includes tail swipes that inflict heavy damage should you get hit. It is best to flee or dodge as soon as you see its tail drawing back slightly. To counter this attack, heep following his legs as he turns. Try to stay beneath him. Moving away might get you attacked by his tail.


The huge dragon will occasionally charge into its enemies and ram them head-on, although the mobility is fairly limited and can easily be dodged. The best way to counter this attack is to avoid it since you will enough time to react.

Flying Fire

Of course, Decaying Ekzykes is a dragon, and like most dragons, it can fly and spew fire but with a twist. Instead of Fire, it spews out Scarlet Rot, which in most cases can kill you within moments if you get caught.

When he flies, run just beneath him right away. This will cause him to fly just over and come back to the ground behind you. If you turn immediately when he comes back to the ground, you can land in a few hits.

Ground Fire

Apart from flying fire, Decaying Ekzykes can spew circular clouds of scarlet rot while staying on the ground. Stay as far from the dragon as possible when you see him aiming a ground attack. This fog is a very health draining move and you don’t want to get caught.

Rot Wind

Decaying Ekzykes can stomp on the ground creating a cloud of Scarlet Rot. There is plenty of time when Decaying Ekzykes goes up in the air and raises its leg to smash the ground. You will have enough time to go as far as possible as the created fog has a massive hitbox and is deadly.

How to Defeat Decaying Ekzykes in Elden Ring

There can be several strategies to defeat this optional boss, but the following strategy works well for low-level players. You will need a two-handed weapon with at least a +5 upgrade for this strategy.

It’s best to take on this beast while riding torrent as you will be moving around quite a lot. Run straight from under his head towards its hind legs and attack two or three times until you run out of stamina and run away as far as possible.

Before you run toward the monster, make sure that it is not about to launch the flying fire attack or any attacks involving scarlet rot; if it is, it’s best to just run as far away as possible from the area of effect. Rinse and repeat, and the victory shall be yours.

You can also use ranged spells, but it can be quite tricky to aim while running, and using spells to take down the boss can be time-consuming and tiring.

Decaying Ekzykes Drops

You will receive the following rewards for defeating the Decaying Ekzykes

  • Dragon Heart
  • Ekzykes’s Decay

You can take Dragon Hearts to the Church of Dragon Communion to gain dragon-based incantations.

How to Cheese Decaying Ekzykes

There is a very simple way to cheese Decaying Ekzykes. When you confront him for the very first time, hit him with your fire spells. Make sure you have them with you because without fire spells, you are not going to beat him.

So once you make your first hit, just run away to any rock. Make sure to choose a rock from which you can get off and hide behind to dodge the dragon’s rotten breath.

Go to that rock immediately after your first hit. Once you are on that rock, start attacking the dragon with your fire spells again. The dragon will keep throwing its rotten breath storm but it will not hit or affect you.

Keep throwing your fireballs at him until you see him open his mouth and rush towards you. Get off the rock for a while, and go to your left. Once he moves back, return to your location and start throwing your fire spells again.

When you have drained one-third of his health, he will make a huge storm of rotten breath. You have to immediately jump on your horse to go as far as possible.

When it is over, come back to your position and start throwing your spells again. When you have drained two third of his health, he will again throw his rotten breath. Keep repeating the steps until you have completely defeated Decaying Ekzykes.

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