Where to Find Death’s Poker in Elden Ring

This detailed guide will teach you where to find Death’s Poker in Elden Ring and the boss you need to defeat to obtain it.

The Elden Ring Death’s Poker is a Greatsword that is primarily scaled with dexterity but also requires some intelligence for its use. It can be obtained by slaying one of the dark bosses in Caelid which only spawn at a fixed time.

Defeating the dark boss is not easy for the newbies but some special combat tactics allow them to obtain the sword. The sword also possesses a passive effect allowing it to alter the damage negation and stamina.

Here is how you can get your hands on Death’s Poker in the game.

Where to Find Death’s Poker in Elden Ring

death's poker elden ring map

The first step in getting your hands over the Death’s Poker Greatsword in Elden Ring is to find and defeat the giant Death Rite Bird boss. Throughout the story, you will encounter four such birds at different locations. But only one drops the Death’s Poker sword which resides in the southern part of Caelid.

To reach the boss quickly, you can use the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace. Once at the site, start traveling to the southeast. On the way, you will see some old wood trees. Death Rite Bird boss will be waiting just beside the tress.

One important thing about these birds is their spawning time. They are not available all the time. Being dark creatures, they can only spawn at night. If you are there early, make sure to spend some time until it gets dark before you approach the exact location of the boss.

Well, once you find it, start your combat with the foe and defeat him. Once it gets slayed, you will be rewarded with the Death’s Poker Greatsword.

How to Defeat the Death Rite Bird?

Defeating the Death Rite Bird is not a walk in the park rather you have to be extra vigilant during the fight. These birds belong to some of the toughest enemies in the entire game and are immune to the Scarlet Rot, Poison, Frostbite, etc.

Of all the four such birds, the one in Caelid is the weakest of them all. Knocking this one down is also challenging but not to the extent required for its other three family members. Ideally, you must have a level 60 or above in the game for having a fight with such giant birds.

But nothing to worry about if want to get the Death’s Poker sword early. To do so, you must enter the fight with a ranged weapon to fight the foe. Collect some runes and buy as many arrows as possible. Followed by that, equip a bow before starting the boss fight.

Once done with that, find someplace uphill and use some ranged attacks using the bow. This way the players will get minimum damage because the foe hardly leaves its spot to attack the protagonist.
If the boss charges ahead just use the torrent to escape for a moment. Keep repeating the arrow attacks and the foe will be down shortly after.

Elden Ring Death’s Poker Stats

Death’s Poker is among the best Greatswords in Elden Ring having the ability to do Frostbite damage. It cannot be infused using Ashes of War however it can be upgraded using the Somber Smithing Stones up to a max level of +10. The upgrade increases the physical damage to the weapon from 123 to a whopping value of 301. It requires 15 strength, 17 dexterity, and 11 intelligence to acquire the Death’s Poker Greatsword.

Critical10039 (boost)

Ghostflame Ignition is the special attack associated with the Death Pokers Greatsword. In addition to dealing moderate damage, it significantly increases the frost buildup as well. Ghostflame Ignition triggers a white flame on the tip of the sword. Once the flame is ignited, there are two types of attacks that can take place.

The player can either spread this fire in the near vicinity or it can also be exploded. Spreading the wire will cover up a larger area but provides less damage. However, on the other side, the explosion will take place in a comparatively less area causing immense damage to the opponent. All it requires to perform such an attack are 15 Focus Points (FP).

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