How To Get Crystal Staff In Elden Ring

The Crystal Staff is located behind a hidden wall in the Academy Crystal Cave, found in the region of Liurnia of Elden Ring.

The Crystal Staff is part of the Glintstone Staff family in Elden Ring. It cannot be infused with any Ashes of War but its unique passive ability is enough to significantly boost all of your Crystalian Sorcereries in the game.

It is rather easy to miss the Crystal Staff in Elden Ring. This is because the weapon is behind a hidden path that requires you to break down a wall to open a path.

Crystal Staff location in Elden Ring

Crystal Staff map location in Elden Ring

The Crystal Staff is located in the Academy Crystal Cave, found in the region of Liurnia of Elden Ring. The cave can easily be accessed by moving from the Crystalline Woods Grace toward the north side.

Take note that you need to have two Stonesword Keys to gain access to the Academy Crystal Cave.

How to get the Crystal Staff in Elden Ring

You need to use the Stonesword key at the entrance of the cave to unlock it. Upon entering the cave, you have to make your way toward the wooden door shown below.

After opening the door, look toward your left side to find the hidden path toward another room.

You can strike down the stones to open up the passage that leads you toward the chest that contains the Crystal Staff in Elden Ring.

Academy Crystal Cave Hidden Room

Crystal Staff upgrades and stats

Initially, you can deal around 31 physical damage along with 148-189 sorcery scaling against the enemies using the Crystal Staff in Elden Ring. The Staff also provides you with negligible damage negation against all kinds of incoming attacks from the enemies.

You can upgrade the Crystal Staff by using Somber Smithing Stones. The upgraded Staff allows you to inflict 75 physical damage, and your sorcery scaling increases between 244-367 in Elden Ring. To achieve all these upgrades, you need to scale your Strength to D and Intelligence to B in the game.

Furthermore, the passive of Crystal Staff improves the damage output of Crystalian sorceries by 10 percent, including spells like Crystal Release, Shattering Crystal and Crystal torrent. So having this Staff makes you strong against different foes.

The Crystal Staff is much more valuable than some other staff, such as the Carian Regal Scepter. You get the Crystal Staff for free, but for the Scepter, you must defeat Rennala and spend a hefty sum of 20k runes to get your hand on it.

Additionally, you only need 48 Intelligence to equip the Crystal Staff, whereas, for Carian Regal Scepter, you need the attribute to be at 60. So the requirement for wielding Crystal Staff is easy to achieve.

  • Intelligence 48
  • Strength 8

Rotten Crystal Staff in Elden Ring

This Staff is another version of the original one that exists in Elden Ring. The damage and scaling of both the staffs are identical. However, there’s a clear difference between the Crystal Staffs’ appearances. Additionally, you can inflict Scarlet Rot on your enemies using the Rotten Crystal Staff.

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