How To Get Buckler Shield In Elden Ring

Easiest way to get Buckler Shield in Elden Ring is to buy it from Gostoc Merchant. It's considered one of the best shield for parrying.

There is a variety of shields you can get in Elden Ring. This guide covers the Buckler Shield along with all its pros and cons. While it sounds like a basic shield, The Buckler Shield has its uses, especially for parrying enemy attacks.

Where can you get Buckler Shield in Elden Ring?

The Buckler Shield can be bought from the merchant Gatekeeper Gostoc who can be found at the Stormveil Castle by the Main Door. As the Main door does not let you in itself, you have to ask Gostoc to open it for you. Gostoc also serves as a merchant for various other items.

To buy this shield from Gostoc, you will first have to complete a request from him. You will be required to open the gate yourself after which you can buy this shield for 1500 Runes.

To open the gate, you can fast travel to the Rampart Tower or any other Site of Grace you have unlocked within the castle. From there on, navigate your way to the main gate. You will notice that the main gate has a room to its side inside the castle. Go inside the room and there you will have the option to open the gate yourself and unlock the shield. There will be a lot of enemies within the castle so decide for yourself if you want to take them out or avoid them completely.

Once you open the gate, go to Gostoc again and buy the shield.

If, for whatever reason, Gostoc is dead or not in his usual spot, you can go to the Roundtable Hold to the Twin Maiden Husks. Although this will also require Gostoc’s Bell Bearing. If you have killed Gostoc yourself then simply pick up his Bell Bearing. If not, then look for him in the Boss room of the castle. If he is there, you will need to defeat the boss first.

Another way to get this shield is if you start off as a Bandit. If you choose to start off as a Bandit, the Buckler Shield will already be available to you in your arsenal.

What does Buckler Shield Do in Elden Ring?

The Buckler Shield is a perfect tool for parrying enemy attacks. It has its own special skill called Buckler Parry which can parry the oncoming attacks of an enemy. Below are the stats for this shield:

  • 166 Physical Damage
  • 108 Attack Crit Boost
  • 61 Physical Damage Negation
  • 30 Magic Damage Negation
  • 30 Fire Damage Negation
  • 30 Holy Damage Negation
  • 16 Lightning Damage Negation
  • 19 Guard Boost

This shield can be infused with Ashes of War, is upgradable by using Smithing Stones and can also be buffed using Magic or Consumables.

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