Best Sorceries In Elden Ring

The best sorceries in Elden Ring range from reducing casting times to boosting magic damage to inflicting ailments to spamming spells.

The existence of powerful sorceries differentiates the Elden Ring from the other soul games produced by FromSoftware. In Elden Ring, you can build a character that entirely relies on different sorceries to perform several vital functions.

All this became possible because of the diversity and the high number of sorceries that exists in the Elden Ring. If you want to invest purely in your Intelligence attribute, having the right set of sorceries will ensure that you get rid of even the most challenging bosses quickly.

Best Sorceries to use in Elden Ring

11) Glintstone Icecrag

Glintstone Icecrag Sorcery in Elden Ring

Starting our list with the Glintstone Icecrag as this sorcery is quite powerful when it comes to building frostbite effect against the enemies in Elden Ring.

With this spell, you just hardly have to land a few clean hits to fill the frostbite meter. Activating the frostbite effect reduces your enemy’s damage absorption abilities by 30 percent, so you can unleash your other powerful attacks to finish off the enemies quickly.

Most importantly, you can use the Glintstone Icecrag spell while keeping your distance from the enemies. This allows you greater mobility and keeps you away from dangerous areas during the battle.

However, this sorcery has some downsides: the long casting time and the large consumption of FP, but the damage output outweighs these costs.

10) Crystal Torrent

Crystal Torrent Sorcery in Elden Ring

If you are looking to beam enemies, the Crystal Torrent spell is the sorcery for you in Elden Ring. It can pin down enemies with an intense, powerful beam from range even if you have trouble aiming.

The ease with which you can use Crystal Torrent for damage is why it is one of the best sorcery spells in Elden Ring.

Additionally, the Crystal Torrent spell is not heavy on FP, meaning you can spam this repeatedly against the enemies to compensate for the low damage.

9) Loretta’s Greatbow

Loretta’s Greatbow Sorcery in Elden Ring

The experience of staying away from the sight of your enemies and unleashing high-power arrows can be very intriguing, and Loretta’s Greatbow sorcery provides you with precisely the same kind of fun in Elden Ring.

You get the ability with this sorcery to bring a magical bow and arrows. These arrows play a significant role in draining the health of your enemies, and the shots’ accuracy puts this sorcery in the top tier in Elden Ring.

The damage output and lower consumption of FP on each shot enable you to stay far from your enemies and inflict as much damage as possible before getting rushed by the enemies in Elden Ring.

8) Explosive Ghostflame

Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery in Elden Ring

You will encounter many moments in Elden Ring where you have to fight several enemies simultaneously; if you have the Explosive Ghostflame, you can take care of them easily, as it is the best AOE sorcery in Elden Ring.

During your battle, Explosive Ghostflame sorcery allows you to deal increased levels of damage over a wide area. More importantly, you can build up frostbite over your enemies with the use of this ability. All these factors make this sorcery one of the best in Elden Ring.

However, you need to be cautious while casting the Explosive Ghostflame sorcery as you become vulnerable to the attacks of enemies. Additionally, to use this sorcery, you have to invest in intelligence and faith attributes, which differs from most sorceries in Elden Ring.

7) Adula’s Moonblade

Adula’s Moonblade Sorcery in Elden Ring

When it comes to cold sorceries, Adula’s Moonblade takes the best spot in the cold sorceries category in Elden Ring. This sorcery allows you to wield the best magical sword in the Elden Ring.

You can slash the gigantic sword to send icy projectiles toward your enemies, dealing a good amount of damage on contact. More importantly, you can inflict double damage by positioning yourself close to the enemies.

The correct position before casting Adula’s Moonblade allows you to perform slash and icy-projectiles damage, but you need to be in the range for this to happen. You can even reduce the casting time for this sorcery, but you have to chain up your magic in Elden Ring perfectly.

6) Glintblade Phalanx

Glintblade Phalanx Sorcery in Elden Ring

The Glintblade Phalanx is the best defensive sorcery in Elden Ring. With this sorcery, you get the ability to roam the areas without worrying about surprise attacks from enemies. This sorcery is perfect to counter the backstabbing phenomenon in Elden Ring.

You summon multiple revolving swords around your head by this sorcery, and these swords detect the presence of enemies and automatically attack them if they come within your attacking radius.

In addition, the swords can break an enemy’s posture to stagger them for critical attacks.

5) Terra Magica

Terra Magica Sorcery in Elden Ring

Terra Magica creates a sphere around your character that boosts your magic damage by 35 percent, but for only as long as you remain within the sphere.

In addition to the massive power spike, Terra Magica is one of the best sorceries in Elden Ring to use against slow or sluggish enemies. You will be able to keep your distance against such enemies and finish them off from range.

4) Rock Sling

Rock Sling Sorcery in Elden Ring

The Rock Sling is the best early-game sorcery that provides you with substantial magic damage in Elden Ring. The staggering effect of this sorcery allows you to control the battle, and you can spam this ability due to its low FP cost.

This sorcery’s low intelligence and FP cost to casting make it a viable option for players not going for the intelligence build in Elden Ring. So getting the Rock Sling early in Elden Ring gives you the boost you require in your magic potential to overcome the most challenging enemies.

3) Ranni’s Dark Moon

Ranni’s Dark Moon Sorcery in Elden Ring

The Ranni’s Dark Moon is the best sorcery when considering aesthetics in Elden Ring. The ability to send a full moon toward your enemies gives you a sense of true power. Apart from the feelings, this sorcery allows you to inflict massive damage on your enemies along with frostbite buildup.

The combined damage from the Frostbite effect and the moon makes Ranni’s Dark Moon the best possible sorcery in Elden Ring. 

2) Carian Slicer

Carian Slicer Sorcery in Elden Ring

The sheer power and melee attack make Carian Slicer the best PVE sorcery that you can use in Elden Ring.

You can achieve very powerful slashes with this sorcery, and combining the slashes with the Carian Glintstone Staff makes you a beast in the intelligence-based build in Elden Ring. Your every slash will drain most of your enemies’ health bars, and you can feel the true power of magic in Elden Ring.

1) Comet Azur

The Comet Azur is the best PVP sorcery in Elden Ring. This spell allows you to unleash a long-lasting beam that will stay on as long as you have FP in Elden Ring. The damage from this long beam can kill every enemy within a few seconds.

You can benefit from this sorcery by using a few Tarnished for distraction. This will allow you to cast Comet Azur and successfully bring havoc on your enemies. This spell is also great if you love playing with your friends, as it gives you power over the battlefield, and you can quickly kill off anyone.

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