Where to Find Antspur Rapier in Elden Ring, Stats, and Builds

In this guide, we will be telling you where to find Antspur Rapier in Elden Ring, the best weapon in the game for Scarlet Rot.

Antspur Rapier is a rare weapon in Elden Ring that belongs to the Thrusting Swords category. Crafted from the spur of the giant ant of Nokron, this weapon can deal both physical damage and scarlet rot, making it extremely deadly.

Antspur Rapier is easy to obtain, as the path leading to its location is straightforward, but the fight that follows is a difficult one. Follow our in-depth guide to find this unique weapon as fast as possible.

Where to Find Antspur Rapier in Elden Ring

Antspur Rapier is an enemy drop that can be encountered in the Northern Region of Altus Plateau. This weapon gets dropped by Maleigh Marais, a hostile non-playable character, at The Shaded Castle Castellan. Here are the details of how to get to this location.

Starting from the ground to the left of the Dectus, keep moving forward to travel down the path. You will reach an open field. Take a left from here to reach a camp. Run through the camp to enter a valley that will be visible to you from a distance. Keep running through the camp and move down the rocks towards the right.

antspur rapier location

After moving a little ahead, take a slight left. Moving forward and turning right will take you to a hill. Climb up the hill and take a slight left to keep on traveling up the hill. Now, you will reach out of the valley to see a castle in a big open area. This is the Shaded Castle Castellan that you needed to find.

Explore the castle if you want and when ready, step into the western field of the castle. Do this by either leaping off the castle rampart or walking through the western exit. You’ll find Maleigh Marais roaming the fields.

While you can engage the NPC right there, there’s a big monster just behind. Your fight can potentially attract unwanted attention. Hence, a better option is to lure Maleigh away from the field to leave the giant monster behind.

Defeating Maleigh Marais will reward you with 4800 Runes, Marais Mask, Marais Robe, and of course, the Antspur Rapier.

Antspur Rapier Stats and Requirements

Antspur Rapier is a rot-inducing weapon that requires 10 points in Strength stat and 20 points in Dexterity stat to be wielded. It also scales with the same stats (D-Strength, D-Dexterity) and weighs only 3.0, making it ideal for PVP builds.

Stat Name Attack Passive
Physical 98 47
Magical 0 31
Fire 0 31
Light 0 31
Holy 0 31
Critical/Boost 100 21

Antspur Rapier can be upgraded up to level 25 with the help of Smithing Stones. It also causes Rot to build up on enemies (55) passively with each strike.

Upgrade Affinity (+25) Primary Damage Secondary Damage
Standard 240 0
Heavy 220 0
Keen 220 0
Quality 192 0
Magic 159 188
Fire 188 159
Flame Art 163 188
Lightning 188 163
Sacred 188 188
Poison 169 0
Blood 202 0
Cold 202 135
Occult 211 0

Antspur Rapier Unique Skill and Builds

The unique skill that is exclusive to Antspur Rapier is called Impaling Thrust (14 FP). This unique skill allows players to thrust their swords forward into the enemies. This skill can be charged to deal more damage.

Antspur Rapier can be infused with Ashes of War, allowing it to own varied weapon skills depending on players’ playstyle. This weapon can’t be imbued with consumables like grease. Antspur Rapier can be sold for 200 runes to any merchant in Elden Ring.

Antspur Rapier is basically a Dex-based weapon with scarlet rot as a cherry on top. This weapon can be used to create any build around strength or dex for PVP (a difficult weapon to survive endgame enemies though in PVE).

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