Where is Edgar in Elden Ring?

Edgar can be found sitting in Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula. You will have to fight your way through to reach hi,/

Edgar in Elder Rings, is a Commandant of Castle Morne, that upon interacting with him gives you a side quest. Edgar’s quest, in Elden Ring, is one of the most heart wrecking quests, where you” ll see Edgar moaning over his daughter Irina’s corpse. You, therefore, need to help this father take his daughter’s revenge. Trouble finding Edgar? Here is a complete guide for you. You will actually come in contact with Edgar as part of Irina’s questline.

To begin Edgar’s Quest in Elden Ring, you first need to speak with her daughter Irina. You will find Irina sitting beside the corpses of armed soldiers in the ruins of the Weeping Peninsula. Go south from Limgrave main, and you will find Irina near the Bridge of Sacrifice in Weeping Peninsula.

As you interact with Irina, Irina tells you about her father – Edgar, who is guarding Castle Morne and asks you to deliver a letter to him. Now, is the time for you to look for Edgar and give him his daughter’s letter.

Elden Ring Edgar Location

As per Irina’s instruction, all of us have pretty much the idea that Castle Morne is a place to look for Edgar. Therefore, right after speaking with Irina, head south and you will reach Castle Morne.

Upon reaching there, as you enter the castle, you will find many dead enemies here. Go towards the left, and you will encounter a dog, and then a big head guy. He isn’t that aggressive therefore you won’t face a lot of trouble dealing with him. After passing him, take a ladder to the tower’s top.

Edgar is located near square-shaped towers, so when finding Edgar, always follow square towers instead of following the round towers as Castle has both of these towers spread around. As you take the ladder up, you will encounter a flying Misbegetton and a terrestrial.

Defeating these both, use a bridge to reach the other side where you” ll find some soldiers locked with Misbegetton in a fight. Fight with them, and once you are sure that they are dead, head towards the northeast. Upon running straight for a minute or two, you will see a stairway around a tower. Use this staircase to reach the top of the tower, where you will see Edgar sitting.

As you give Edgar, his daughter’s Irina letter, he will be more than happy and you can then proceed further with the quest where you” ll soon find that Irina is dead and then engage yourself in combat with Edgar the Revenger.