How to Get Money Fast in Dying Light 2

You'll need old-world currency to keep your equipment up to date as well as for your bread and butter in...

You’ll need old-world currency to keep your equipment up to date as well as for your bread and butter in Dying Light 2. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Money in Dying Light 2 and mention all the different money farming methods in Dying Light 2 and activities you can do to get rich.

Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Capitalism will never perish! Even amidst a zombie apocalypse of Dying Light 2. You’ll need substantial money to keep your equipment up to date and progress your parkour-nut protagonist. Furthermore, having a reasonable amount of money on hand is always useful.

In Dying Light 2, you’ll need to search The City for valuable items to sell. It is because merely completing the storyline quests is not enough for your bread and butter. Continue reading to learn how to get gold/old world currency fast in Dying Light 2.

How to Get Money Fast in Dying Light 2

Here are some tips to get money fast in DL2.

Loot Defeated Enemies

In search of some quick cash? Well, loot every corpse you’ll come across.  Although ordinary zombie corpses do not contain many valuable items. But uncommon zombies, bandits, and human corpses come with plenty of decent loot items.

Spend a moment checking and grabbing these whether you need them or not because you can later sell them for money to the vendors. You’ll be given the option of automatically selling all valuables, so you don’t have to sort them out.

Sell Unwanted Weapons and Equipment

Throughout your gameplay in DL2, you will find various weapons and add them to your inventory. You’ll probably come across better weapons and won’t need the previous ones. You should sell your old weapons for money since you no longer need them.

The same principles apply to the equipment. You will come across equipment that does not fit your playing style. Nonetheless, you should pick such equipment and sell it to vendors for quick cash.

Explore Dark Zones

Dark Zones are a great way to make money in DL2. Even though they are densely populated and heavily guarded during the day, you have a good chance of obtaining valuable loot if you visit these dark zones at night.

These Dark Zones frequently offer large sums of money, valuables, and high-quality equipment. You can make a lot of money by selling valuables.

Collect Crystal Cores

While exploring the Dark Zones at night, keep an eye out for Crystal Cores. These crystal cores are a great way to make money because they are sold at a hefty price.

Military Convoys

Military convoys are crawling with infected zombies, but they do have valuables, weapons, and items that can be sold for a good price. So, do consider checking out the Military Convoys and make sure to bring some lockpicks with you.

Side Quests & Encounters

Aside from the main storyline, you should also pay attention to the side quests. Like all other RPG games, Dying Light 2 rewards you for completing side quests, some of which pay very well.

There are also random encounters in Dying Light 2. These encounters are marked with blue quest markers. You should also complete these encounters to quickly earn a small amount of money.

Dying Light 2 Unlimited Money Glitch

Dying Light 2, like the previous game, features an item duplication glitch that will allow you to fill your pockets with old-world currency swiftly. This is the most effective and fastest way to earn money in DL2.

Simply follow these steps to make the best out of the DL2 unlimited money glitch.

  • Participate in an online co-op session. This is only possible if both players are playing on the same console. PS5 corresponds to PS5 and PS4 to PS4.
  • Locate a valuable object to replicate. This bug works best with Artifact-level gear indicated by a yellow background. The Airdrops are a good source of valuable things.
  • Make a backup of your save. If you’re on a PS5, use PS Plus Cloud. For PS4, you can use PS Plus Cloud or a USB to save your data
  • Give the valued things to a co-op partner. Then, head back to the Co-op session and give the other player all of the expensive things you want to replicate. They have now been removed from your inventory.
  • Next up, restore your previously saved backup. Exit the co-op with your partner. Now restore the save game to either PS4 or PS5, whatever you have. Before handing over the precious items to your co-op partner, you should load that save.
  • Re-join your Co-op partner and keep dropping valuable items. Then, repeat the preceding steps to build a large collection of valuable items.
  • Once your Co-op partner has a full inventory and supply of the replicated items, have them return them to you and do another backup.
  • Now you are all set to sell these duplicated items for some decent amount of money.

The good thing is that you can do this glitch as many times as you want.

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