Where to Find Military Tech in Dying Light 2

In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about Military Tech, including How to find Military Tech in Dying Light 2.

Military Tech is the rarest resource you are going to find in Dying Light 2 and is used to upgrade Aiden’s Nightrunner tools. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Military Tech, including how to find Military Tech in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Military Tech

This rare resource can be missed easily if you don’t pay attention to the details.  Military Airdrop locations in DL2 are initially shown by the “?” icon on the map. These marks can be revealed when you look through your binoculars.

They will become parachute icons and will actually tell you if you can get them or not. If the icon is red, it means that Aiden doesn’t meet the requirements to get that Military Tech. You might be down stamina or need the Paraglider.

Another giveaway is that Military Tech in DL2 usually comes form airdrops. These airdrops mostly land on tall buildings. If you spot a parachute simply draped across a rooftop, there’s a good chance there’s Military Tech there.

How to Get Military Tech in Dying Light 2

Once you are sure that you meet the requirements to reach a specific Military Airdrop in Dying Light 2, the next step is finding it inside the crate. You can easily miss the Military Tech if you don’t pay attention.

After opening the chest, you have to look closely at the right side of the chest and interact with it using the GRE key.

How to Use Military Tech

After gathering some Military Tech from the Military Airdrops, you will be able to upgrade your Nightrunner tools. You can simply upgrade these tools just like you upgrade other gear in the DL2 except that it now costs Military Tech. To upgrade, simply head on over to a Craftmaster and go to the Upgrade tab. There you will find the Nightrunner tool upgrades.

These upgrades include your Paraglider and Grappling hook upgrade along with others. You can move the cursor over these upgrades to check their cost. Some of these upgrades are worth trying so select them according to your needs.

All the upgrades will require around 1-3 Military Tech. So, it looks like we have enough Military Tech to do all two or three upgrades available for the tools that require Military Tech.

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