How To Defeat The Dullahan (Headless Horseman) In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Tips for finding and defeating the Dullahan in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Your first encounter with Dullahan will happen during the Till Death Do Us Part quest. During this, you will find Dullahan in Dragon Dogma 2 in the Misty Marshes area. You must head to the Illdoers’ Resting Place to find him attacking Ser Gregor.

Taking him out during this encounter is challenging as you don’t have enough time, and he will teleport away. There is no need to worry; even if he teleports away, you can still complete the quest.

If you somehow manage to kill this headless horseman, you will get the Cursed Dullahan Bone, which will help you enhance a lot of equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Moreover, you will also get an achievement/trophy called Before Dawn Breaks.

Whether you seek the achievement or Cursed Dullahan Bones, you have come to the right place. I will not just help you with finding Dullahan at different locations but also help you kill the Headless Horseman quickly.


If you are looking for Dullahan to get the Cursed Dullahan Bones, you can head to the Ancient Battleground and purchase these from a traveling merchant, Folkes. He will sell you one bone for 3000 Gold.

Where to find Dullahan or Headless Horseman in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The first location where you can find this Headless Horseman pretty early in the game is southeast of the Borderwatch Outpost, just close to the Borderland Campground waypoint. You must travel back and forth multiple times in the area highlighted on the map above to encounter a Dullahan.

If it is daytime, you should rest at the Inn in the Borderwatch Outpost town and then travel again to the marked area at night. You may not find the Dullahan here on the first attempt, but the chances of encountering one are pretty high after a couple of tries. I found one on my third try.

The second location to find a Dullahan is on the Agamen Volcanic Island. You must travel southwest of the Volcanic Island Camp under the Debris-Strewn Coast as shown on the map.

This area is right above the Mountain Base cave, and while traveling here at night, you can encounter a Dullahan in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

For the third spawn location of the Dullahan, you must travel to the area marked on the map. It is south of the Sacred Arbor and Mountain Ruins Waypoint in the Vermund region. Circle the path there, and you will find a Dullahan.

Once you have found one, the next thing that you will need to know is how to defeat this Dullahan.

How to beat the Dullahan in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Headless Horseman in Dragon’s Dogma 2, despite the name, doesn’t ride a horse and relies on a combination of melee attacks to damage you and magic to move around or knock you down.


While any vocation can work against the Dullahan, I would recommend a ranged class like Mage, Archer, or Magick Archer. The Mage’s Empyrean/High Empyrean is highly useful against undead and ghosts like Dullahan.

You must target the Dullahan weakness, its head, to take him out quickly. The Headless Horseman can teleport to you for a melee counter, so always be ready to dash out and make counterattacks as soon as possible.

Staying close to the Headless Horseman is a bad idea since its scream ability can cost you a lot of health. The scream also knocks down anyone around the Dullahan and while you are knocked down, he will hit you a number of times.


The Headless Horseman usually teleports to you at the start of the fight, so that is the time you need to be more cautious to avoid the scream attack.

When the Dullahan in Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes the Pink Aura form, you will need to move away quickly, as if it catches you, you will lose a lot of health. Always keep some healing items and pawns with you that can heal the whole party to stay safe from this attack.

Having a mage in your party is highly recommended, as it can heal you and deal some good damage to the Headless Horseman with its ranged spell attacks. If you have a melee vocation like the Fighter, you must rely on the hit-and-run strategy to beat Dullahan.

You will need to run towards him, land a few hits, and then move away. You will need to continue to repeat this, and eventually, you will take out this Knight.

If you have defeated this boss for the first time, it will unlock the Before Dawn Breaks trophy/achievement. Besides this, you will also get the Cursed Dullahan Bones, which are essential items you will need to enhance gear items in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

There is no limit on how many Headless Horsemen you can fight, so you can take on them as many times as you want. You will encounter many more of them in the late game, so if you are starting, don’t worry, as you will find some automatically.


You can one-shot the Dullahan to unlock the achievement and get the drop if you have the Medusa Head, which can petrify any creature or character in the game. However, keep in mind that petrified targets don’t give any loot.

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